Northwestern Wildcats' Five-Game Slide Should Keep Pat Fitzgerald In Evanston

By Devin O'Barr
Pat Fitzgerald
Bruce Thorson – USA TODAY Sports

This time last month, Northwestern Wildcats head coach Pat Fitzgerald was rumored to be interested in a few of the high-profile jobs across the country. It appeared clear that Fitzgerald had simply outgrown Northwestern and programs like the USC Trojans would be lining up at the door for the Big Tens top head coach. Well, it’s safe to say those rumors have since died down as the Wildcats have dropped five-straight games including a heartbreaking defeat in Week 10.

Fitzgerald became a media darling overnight thanks to a couple of early-season wins for the Cats, but Northwestern now sits in the cellar of the Big 10 and the Big 10 Coach of the Year Award will not reside in Evanston this offseason. Of course, the more naive Northwestern fans insist that Fitzgerald would never leave his alma matter, but this recent slide takes him off the radar of top-notch schools such as the aforementioned USC, anyway.

On the other hand, Fitzgerald’s huge fan base may have taken a hit with the Cats’ recent down-spiral. Considering Fitzgerald’s long tenure with the team as both a player and coach, it’s safe to say that Northwestern would have a riot on its hand if it decided to kick Fitzgerald to the curb.

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