BCS Rankings: Ohio State Buckeyes Remain Out of Title Picture

Urban Meyer has built the Ohio State Buckeyes into one of the best teams in the country and has yet to lose a game since taking over the team before the 2012 season. However, despite that success and the dominance of the Buckeyes over their Big Ten opposition, Ohio State remains out the outside of the BCS National Championship conversation in the latest BCS rankings. Is there anything that OSU can do to get into the national title picture in 2013?

Unfortunately for them, their fate is out of their hands when it comes to getting into the national title game. Ohio State is dominating their competition at an elite level this season but the level of competition hasn’t been anywhere near elite. They have one of the weakest strengths of schedules among the BCS contenders in a Big Ten conference that has been down this season in the eyes of voters and the BCS computers (which are the eyes that matter). With five teams in BCS conferences still perfect on the season, it becomes about degrees of greatness and Ohio State’s “great” just isn’t at the same level as others.

Looking ahead, there isn’t much on the horizon that figures to boost Ohio State’s resume. The Big Ten title game will likely be the best win on the Buckeyes’ resume against the Michigan State Spartans who are hovering just around No. 20 in the BCS standings. Meanwhile, every other team will have multiple games against (and wins if they have anything to say about it) top-15 opponents when it’s all said and done giving them a decided edge over Ohio State.

So while Meyer continues to build a juggernaut at Ohio State, there isn’t anything they can do on their own to make up ground in the national title chase. They have to rely on the teams ahead of them stumbling and being one of the last two teams with a perfect record at season’s end or they will be left out of the BCS National Championship at the end of the year.

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