Michigan's Brady Hoke Should Be On Hot Seat After Embarrassing Performance vs. Michigan State

By Ryan Wenzell
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines flat out stunk last night. They couldn’t get anything going as dual-threat quarterback Devin Gardner was hit and beat up so much on the night that he actually had to leave.

Luckily for the Wolverines, it didn’t look too serious. Make no doubt about it, the Michigan State Spartans are for real, especially their stingy defense that features a ball-hawking secondary and aggressive front-seven. However, these were supposed to be two very evenly matches teams as evidenced by their places in the top-25 and near identical win-loss records going into Saturday. It sure didn’t look like it last night. The Spartans were playing on another stratosphere.

This may come down to coaching. Brady Hoke didn’t look like he had his men prepared against their bitter in-state rivals. The gap is getting bigger between themselves and the Spartans, and that is not a good look for the Wolverines and their faithful.

Hoke started off with a bang at Michigan as they went onto win their first BCS bowl in over a decade in his first season. But, since then the results have been mediocre. The embarrassment of last night certainly won’t fade quickly in either that locker room or for the fans.

Michigan generally isn’t patient when it comes to its head coaches. While I believe Hoke will get a little more leeway especially given his early success, the athletic department may look to shake things up if in-state rivals like the Spartans and teams like Ohio State continue to outperform the Wolverines by a wide margin.

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