Texas A&M WR Mike Evans a Superb Talent, But Not Heisman Worthy

By Patrick Schmidt
Mike Evans
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Sumlin thinks Texas A&M wide receiver, Mike Evans should be in the Heisman Trophy conversation based on his terrific season with the Aggies, but that’s not going to happen and it has nothing to do with his statistics.

“I’m puzzled why Mike Evans isn’t in the Heisman race,” Sumlin told the Associated Press. “I think he’s as good a player as there is in the country.” Sumlin is right in the fact he is as good a player as there is in the country as his 1,101 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns entering Saturday’s game vs. UTEP would suggest. However, he plays the wrong position to be in the Heisman race.

Desmond Howard, Tim Brown and Johnny Rodgers (he also had 73 carries for 348 yards with 10 TD) are the only wide receivers to win the Heisman trophy in 78 years. That’s less than four percent of the winners being wide receivers. Recent history is less kind to wide receivers, as the past 21 Heismans have been awarded since Howard won his in 1991. Evans is also hurt by not playing special teams, which was a large reason why Howard and Brown won theirs.

Evans may be the most talented receiver in the country alongside Marqise Lee and Sammy Watkins, but that will only help him in the race for the Biletnikoff as the nation’s top receiver. Evans finished with four receptions for 46 yards and a 26-yard touchdown in the 57-7 win over the Miners.

In a loaded year for quarterbacks, Evans may not even garner an invitation to the Downtown Athletic Club for the Heisman ceremony this season. Lee led the nation with 117 receptions, was second in yards with 1,721 and was third with 14 touchdowns last year, and that wasn’t good enough for an invite.

Evans is a great wide receiver and as dominant as anyone at their position, and I wish the Heisman trophy would be more receptive to defenders, linemen and receivers. But, Evans is not the player to buck the historical trend.

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