Florida State: 5 Reasons Seminoles Deserve the No. 1 BCS Ranking

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5 Reasons Florida State Deserves Top Spot in BCS

Florida State Seminoles
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Throughout the 2013 college football season the Florida State Seminoles have taken the country by storm, compiling a perfect 8-0 record and moving from 11th in the preseason national rankings to second in the current rankings. They have done this with a blend of high flying play on offense and defense that both rank amongst the best units in the country, in turn making the Seminoles one of the best overall outfits in the nation.

Led by freshman quarterback -- and Heisman Trophy contender -- Jameis Winston the team's offense has scored 51.1 points per game, good for the third best average in all of college football. Winston has not been the sole catalyst of this offense, though, as running backs Devonta Freeman and Karlos Williams have helped to create an adaptable offense that can pick up yards through the air or on the ground and close out tight games.

Meanwhile the team's defense has also been absolutely phenomenal, allowing 13.1 points per game -- which ranks fourth in the nation -- and have let up 14 points or less in six of the team's eight games. Much like the offense this unit is multidimensional as they possess both the ability to get after quarterbacks and thwart the offense with their ball hawking defensive backs.

Suffice to say Florida State is one of the most complete outfits in the nation, although with six other teams maintaining perfect records to date the race for the No. 1 BCS ranking is extremely tight. Chief amongst the Seminoles' competition for the top spot are the Alabama Crimson Tide and Oregon Ducks, with the three teams combining to form the consensus top three teams in the nation.

Deciphering this race can be extremely difficult to do at times, although we believe that the Florida State Seminoles are the undoubted best team in the nation and should be rewarded for it with the No. 1 spot in the BCS rankings. Rather than just leaving this veiled statement out there, though, we have compiled a list of five reasons that back up the team's claim to take up the top spot in the rankings.


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5. 2 Victories Over Teams Ranked In the Top 10

Florida State Seminoles
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During the 2013 season Florida State has beaten the Clemson Tigers and Miami Hurricanes by a combined score of 92-28. The two schools ranked No. 3 and 7 respectively at the time of the their losses, making the Seminoles the only team to beat two teams ranked in the top 10 this season. In fact Alabama is the only one of the six other undefeated teams who have topped even one team that ranked in the top 10 this year, showing a lack of testing opponents for the nation's top teams. Simply put to be the best you have to beat the best, and Florida State has already shown they can do this.

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4. The Seminoles Have Outscored Opponents 409-105

Florida State Seminoles
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Throughout the current season the Florida State Seminoles have absolutely dominated their opposition, winning their eight games by a combined score of 409-105. This helps to display the fact that the team has blown out good and bad opposition alike, winning each of their games by at least 14 points and seven out of eight games by at least 28 points. No other school has shown an ability to even stay close to the Seminoles, and they deserve to be rewarded for this reign of dominance.

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3. Jameis Winston Is the Best College Football Player In the Country

Jameis Winston
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While Jameis Winston being the top college football player in the nation will not automatically get the Florida State Seminoles the top spot in the BCS rankings alone, it should certainly help. In eight games the redshirt freshman has thrown for 2502 yards, a 70.2 completion percentage, 24 touchdowns and only six interceptions while also rushing for three more touchdowns. As these statistics would indicate Winston has been the biggest game changer in college football in 2013 which would push the Seminoles over the hump if they ever do find themselves in a tight game against a top team. Allowing somebody to push Winston and his team off the pinnacle is only the right thing to do given the high standard of play they have displayed this year.

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2. Most Computer Rankings Have Them at No. 1

Florida State Seminoles
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Throughout time the computer rankings that compile one-third of the total BCS rankings have been ridiculed to a fault, but in the case of Florida State they prove a valid point. Six out of the seven computer rankings have the Seminoles at No. 1 indicating that they are able to take out the fact that Oregon and Alabama have been supremely successful in past years and look at what is truly happening on the field this year. Human voters have not been able to take this impact of past years out of the equation in the same manner, and the college football rankings are not a true reflection of the on-field play as a result.

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1. Florida State Is the Best All-Around Team In the Country

Florida State Seminoles
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The top reason that Florida State should rank No. 1 in the BCS rankings is that they are simply the best team in the country. As previously noted the Seminoles rank third in fourth in the nation in points scored per game and points allowed per game while dominating opponents of all skill level. It is no fluke that they have dominated even the top teams in the nation, and there is currently no team in the nation that can seriously claim to line up toe to toe with the Seminoles on either side of the ball. More than any reason this complete package should vault them to the No. 1 spot in the next BCS rankings.

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