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5 Reasons Alabama Crimson Tide Still Deserve The No. 1 BCS Ranking

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5 Reasons Alabama Crimson Tide Still Deserve The No. 1 BCS Ranking

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It’s hard to believe that a No. 1 ranked, two-time defending national champion could be underrated, but the Alabama Crimson Tide don’t get the credit they deserve. Despite dispatching all of their opponents handily this year, they find their stranglehold on the top of the BCS standings being questioned by many in the college football world.

I get it; when a team is as consistently dominant as Alabama has been the last few years there is a certain level of fatigue that sets in. Part of being a sports fan today means having heated disagreements, and eventually we will begin to talk ourselves into even the best teams having faults. After all, if Alabama really is going to just steamroll over the college football landscape on their way to a third straight championship, the season was just a formality.

But a season is never really just a formality. Despite all their success the last few years, the Crimson Tide needed to earn their ranking on the field. Sure, their history matters with the voters, but if they hadn’t come out and earned wins they would have tumbled down the rankings. Instead, they’ve come out and won all their games and done so with emphasis most weeks.

We’ve all started to get accustomed to the Alabama greatness. We expect them to win, and when they do we don’t give them the credit they deserve for the level of sustained play that they’ve put on the field this year.

These are the five reasons the Crimson Tide still deserve the No. 1 BCS ranking.

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5. They Have A Great Defense

Great Defense
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The Alabama defense has given up double-digit points only twice this season. Twice they’ve held SEC opponents scoreless. Alabama has had some great defenses during their recent run of championships, and this might be their best.

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4. A.J. McCarron Is The Best Quarterback In College Football

A.J. McCarron
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Yes, you read that right. I didn’t say he was the most talented -- he certainly isn’t. But if the job of a quarterback is to win games, then A.J. McCarron is the best in the country.

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3. They Have Incredible Depth

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Nick Saban is one of the best recruiters in the country, and it shows. He’s built a squad that has players coming off the bench who would be impact guys at other schools. Alabama’s success isn’t built on just one or two superstar players; it’s built on a strong foundation.

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2. They Haven't Lost Yet

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Until the two-time defending national champion gets beat, they deserve the top spot in the rankings. That could all change this weekend when they host LSU, but for now they have an unblemished record this season.

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1. Nick Saban

Nick Saban
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He’s the best head coach in the country. He’s recruited the best talent, and he knows how to get the most out of them. Saban is quickly putting himself in the all-time ranks of college football coaches.