SEC Still Rules Supreme in BCS

By Terry Waldrop

The demise of the SEC this season is premature at best and grossly exaggerated to be sure. The depletion of the vaunted SEC defenses by the NFL last year took a huge toll. The performances of many SEC defensive squads have been called into question by pundits from essentially every part of the nation sans the south.

An unusual number of senior quarterbacks in the SEC that are NFL prospects combined with the massive defensive losses to the NFL, particularly the underclassmen, have left the much talked-about SEC defenses largely in shambles.

It seems as though most teams and fan bases in the country would sooner see anyone hoist the BCS trophy in California in January other than yet another SEC team, in particular Alabama. The problem is that the style of the SEC elite is proving to reign atop the nation yet again. No defense has been more maligned than the that of the LSU Tigers — a completely rebuilt defense that is young and inconsistent and has played just like as you would expect.

The hot-and-cold LSU defense will severely be tested in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night and will no doubt have to come up with their best effort of the year to hang a loss on Nick Saban and company in T-town.

Defense wins championships. That old adage has been around for a long time and seems to prove accurate in essentially every major team sport there is. The made-for-television, high-powered offenses run into a wall when going up against power-based defenses — look no further than Oregon as evidence of this.

Alabama is the undisputed no. 1 team in the country. Very few will be able to test the Tide, but rest assured that those who pose the biggest threat rest squarely in their own conference in LSU, Auburn and perhaps even Missouri. To be the best, you have to beat the best, and Alabama’s weak schedule to this point will surely be tested for the remainder of the season.

Until someone can knock them off, the Crimson Tide reigns supreme.

Terry Waldrop was a longtime college basketball coach and AD. He is a writer for Follow him on Twitter @terrywaldrop, “Like” him on Facebook and follow him on Google

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