West Virginia Needs To Show Why Oliver Luck Stayed Vs. Texas

By Harrison Turkheimer
Oliver Luck
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the reports over the last few weeks about Oliver Luck leaving as athletic director of West Virginia for Texas, the morale of the town was down ahead of their big game on national TV.

Oliver is an alumni of WVU, the man who brought them into the Big 12 and who is on the new college football playoff committee. He’s a big deal in the eyes of the college football ranks. After Ed Pastalong left WVU, it took a long search to find a true WVU guy.

The town of Morgantown had been stabbed in the back before by “WVU men” who said they wouldn’t leave (Rich Rodriguez), but Oliver is bigger than the football program. He helped shape the direction the Mountaineers are going.

After Texas passed on Oliver, the Mountaineers were reportedly happy that he was staying and ready to face the Longhorns on Saturday night.  The game slowly became more important — a statement that Oliver is a WVU guy, not a Longhorn. Granted his time in Houston with the Oilers and NFL Europe shows his business side, but him staying shows heart.

The team is not only fighting for their bowl-eligibility, but their sanity. Over the last few seasons, the Mountaineers have been quite impressive, but have been mediocre this year. They have let games slip through their fingers.

It’s time to get back to Mountaineer football. A game like this on national TV with a prestigious team like Texas coming to town is just what this football program needs to ride out the remainder of the season, obtain a decent bowl bid and build for the following season.

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