2013 BCS Standings: Auburn, Alabama Need Each Other to Make BCS Bowl

By Patrick Schmidt

For the first time in the 2013 BCS standings, we did not see a change in the top two spots as the BCS National Championship Game picture gained clarity after Oregon lost. Alabama and Florida State remain at the top, but as the top two gain separation in the BCS, the middle remains as murky as ever and one SEC team will again unfairly be robbed of a BCS bowl berth.

Last year, it was Georgia who was left out of the BCS despite playing in the SEC Championship Game, but because a conference can only take two teams, Florida was able to play in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Auburn, Missouri and potentially South Carolina are the three teams fighting for the last SEC BCS bid this season and Missouri could very well be this year’s Georgia.

Assuming Alabama and Missouri each win out, the upstart Tigers would be a prohibitive underdog against the two-time defending champions, and a loss would leave the SEC east champ out of the BCS for a second straight year. Missouri’s drop in the Week 15 BCS standings would open the door for Auburn, who in this scenario loses only to Alabama in the Iron Bowl, and would need to root for Alabama against Missouri to make it to a BCS bowl.

Of course, Auburn can do the heavy-lifting themselves and just knock off their hated rival and take care of business in the SEC Championship Game. If we follow that script, then Alabama would need to root for Auburn to knock off the Missouri to make it to a BCS bowl. Currently, Missouri is ranked No. 9 and Auburn No. 7, and it’s Auburn who ESPN projects to play in the Sugar Bowl and Missouri in the Outback Bowl.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find two teams and fan bases that hate each other more than the Tigers and the Crimson Tide, but this is what the BCS has presented before us if both teams are to be represented in a BCS bowl. That just goes to show you how crazy this great game of college football really is and the chaos the BCS creates.

Alabama and Auburn rooting for one another and the champion in the SEC east once again gets jobbed, all because of the BCS — which can’t go away soon enough.

Patrick’s a college football writer for Rant Sports and radio host on Sportstownchicago.com. Follow him on Twitter @PatrickASchmidt and Google and email him at SchmidtPatrick@gmail.com for media inquiries.

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