Baylor Could Be On the Outside Looking In When It Comes to The BCS

By Colby Lanham

The latest BCS Standings are out, as all the top 10 undefeated teams are ranked consecutively from 1-5.

Or, at least they should have been, as Baylor continues to get no love in the polls.

The Bears came in at No. 5 in the polls despite their 41-12 dominating victory over the former No. 10 Oklahoma Sooners and directly under the Stanford Cardinals, who emerged above Baylor by the slimmest of margins. But, Baylor still has the opportunity to move above them with a great performance against Oklahoma State in the coming weeks. But at the same time, Baylor could be the team on the outside looking in, with both Florida State and Ohio State ranked above them with no kind of potential upset opponents available for either team for the last three weeks of the regular season.

The Bears have exhibited one of the most explosive offenses in the nation and one of the stoutest defenses in college football, a potent combination that no team in their right mind wants to face. They are in control of their own destiny in the Big 12, but when it comes to the BCS, they may just not get the luck of the draw even if they are able to win the remainder of their games in similar fashion to their victory over the Sooners.

Out of the remaining undefeated teams, Baylor certainly has among the best chances at ending the Alabama‘s championship streak; they have the quarterback to make it happen in Bryce Petty, the coach to take them there in Art Briles, and the needed ability on both sides of the ball for a legitimate national championship contender.

But when it comes down to it, because of the lack of a college football playoff system (for now), Baylor won’t have the chance to prove itself against the likes of an Alabama, a Florida State or an Ohio State.

The question should now become which team is likely to face the Bears in a BCS Bowl, which team it could be and if said team has any chance of victory.

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