Evan Spencer is Crazy to Think Ohio State Buckeyes Would Triumph Over Alabama or Florida State

By Michael Terrill
Evan Spencer is Crazy to Think Ohio State Buckeyes Would Triumph Over Alabama or Florida State
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It is the part of the college football season where predictions and analysis really start taking off. Every single sports web site imaginable has some sort of opinion on what the National Championship will look like, and who will beat who in what BCS bowl game. Of course, there is always at least one player or coach who says something worthy of a headline. Meet Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Evan Spencer.

“I think we’d wipe the floor with both of them,” Spencer said in regards to what would happen if Ohio State took on the Alabama Crimson Tide or Florida State Seminoles, according to Twitter handle @RyanGinnBSB.

If you are asking who the heck is Spencer and wondering if he is a big star, the answer is no. The junior has just 36 career catches for 423 receiving yards and four touchdown receptions. In 2013, he has hauled in 21 receptions for 209 yards and three touchdown catches.

First off, the Big Ten Conference is a joke. I am a huge Wisconsin Badgers fan and I have no shame in admitting it. There is no team in the Big Ten that deserves any sort of national recognition because the quality of competition in the conference is dismal compared to the SEC.

Secondly, where does anyone get off mentioning Ohio State in the same sentence as Alabama? Does anyone want to see a repeat of last season’s horrific beating in the National Championship? That is exactly what everyone will get if the Buckeyes play the Crimson Tide in the title game.

The ACC is not a conference to fret by any means. Nonetheless, Ohio State would get annihilated by Florida State’s fast-paced offense.

I can already hear all the haters say how the Seminoles haven’t played tough enough competition. Really? Because the Buckeyes have? Ohio State’s two big wins came against the Badgers and the Northwestern Wildcats. Two wins that could have easily been losses if the games went slightly different.

Spencer should have just said the Buckeyes would be competitive if they were lucky enough to face the Crimson Tide or Seminoles. That would have at least been somewhat believable.

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