Tim Tebow Pursing College Broadcasting Job, Giving Up on NFL?

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
USA Today Sports

Everyone’s favorite quarterback is in the news once again. But this time, Tim Tebow isn’t being linked to an NFL team in need of a QB. The latest rumors have Tebow joining a broadcast booth near you. Ian Rapoport is reporting that Tebow recently hired Nick Khan, a popular broadcasting agent, to represent him.

This could mean that former Heisman winner is finally giving up his dream of playing in the NFL. Or it could mean that he’s just looking for work in the meantime? It’s anyone’s guess at the moment.

The popular idea being kicked around is that Tebow could join the new SEC Network, which is set to launch in August. You could argue that no one knows more about SEC Football than the former Florida Gator.

There’s no doubt that Tebow was always pretty good with words. He usually gave solid postgame interviews and we all remember his famous ‘promise’ speech. I think he’d be a solid color commentator during games or a good studio analyst.

At the same time, it will be kind of sad to see him give up his dreams (if indeed this is his long-term plan). I’m not a Tebow fan, but the storyline of him trying to make it as a pro quarterback was a fun one to follow.

Even if this new rumored job pans out, I still think he’d drop it in a heartbeat and return to the NFL if a team came calling.



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