Ohio State's Evan Spencer’s Comments Taken Out of Context

By Jenna Aquino
Andrew Weber – USA Today Sports

A recent interview with Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Evan Spencer has sparked some controversy.

Spencer’s words were taken out of context when all he was trying to do was to show that he has confidence in his team. Of course he’s not going to admit that the Buckeyes could potentially lose to the other top teams in the nation. The Buckeyes may not be able to beat teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide or Florida State Seminoles, but they sure could give them some competition and put a scare into them. The weakness of the Big Ten and the caliber of the teams that the Buckeyes face have called into question whether or not they could compete with the other top teams in the country. The Seminoles are in the ACC, which is much stronger than the Big Ten, but even the strength of their schedule has been questioned.

Spencer’s comments were not meant to be about Florida State anyway. He was not referring directly to the Seminoles when he said: “I guess I’m a little biased but I think we’d wipe the field with both of them. That’s just my bias speaking.” He hadn’t been asked about Florida State. Spencer didn’t even mention them, but when asked by a reporter if he was talking about the Seminoles, he said: “Whoever”. If you listen to the interview you will hear them talk about Alabama’s win over the LSU Tigers and the Stanford Cardinal’s win over the Oregon Ducks. Nothing was ever mentioned about Florida State.

There is nothing wrong with Spencer saying that about the Buckeyes. It’s his team and he has confidence in them. Spencer tweeted last night saying, “I did not mean to disrespect any FB team today. I am confident in my team, and as is evident in the video, I was having fun with the media answering their questions. I should have chosen my words more wisely. There was no intent to disrespect any other team”.

Even head coach Urban Meyer has shown confidence in his team by admitting that he has voted his Buckeyes No. 2 on his USA Today coaches’ poll ballot all season. There is nothing wrong with that. Confidence is a good thing to have and it’s great that Meyer is showing his team that he has confidence in them. It helps them feel better about themselves by knowing that Meyer believes they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. They should believe the same.

It has obviously worked on Spencer. He has nothing but confidence in the Buckeyes, and that’s completely okay. Why jump all over him just for being confident in his team? That is something I will never understand.

Meyer didn’t receive that kind of criticism for admitting his confidence and it shouldn’t have been any different for Spencer.

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