Ohio State’s Resume is Nearly Identical to Florida State’s Except for Lack of Respect

By Scott Page
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What do the Ohio State Buckeyes have to do to get a little respect around here? They’re 9-0, winners of 21 straight and primed to complete their second-straight unbeaten regular season. But for some reason, the Buckeyes aren’t considered legitimate national title contenders.

When the latest BCS Standings were announced Sunday, one thing was abundantly clear – the college football world believes No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Florida State have separated themselves from the rest of the pack as the clear-cut top two. The Crimson Tide have a near perfect .996 BCS average, with the Seminoles close behind at .962.

But there’s a noticeably larger gap between FSU and third-ranked Ohio State, which currently has an .893 average — and it raises some questions. Is this disparity between the Noles and Buckeyes warranted? Is it fair to give FSU so much more credit for their body of work than OSU? Is it fair to bash Ohio State’s schedule but praise Florida State’s?

To be quite honest, the gap between two and three is a bit exaggerated. The Buckeyes’ have suffered largely for the perceived weakness of the B1G conference. But is the ACC really that much better?

Florida State’s schedule hasn’t really been much tougher than Ohio State’s. Obviously, the Seminoles’ win at Clemson is the best victory between the two teams. But, Miami is one of the most overrated teams this season (which I eluded to here way back in September), so that “top-10” win shouldn’t count for a whole lot.

Meanwhile, Ohio State has only one win against a currently ranked team – No. 24 Wisconsin. So as far as big wins go, the Seminoles definitely have the edge. But, the rest of the two teams’ schedules tell the real story.

In Florida State’s other six games against FBS opponents, only three were against teams with winning records. The Buckeyes faced four teams above .500 in their other seven games against FBS competition. In fact, if you consider the two schedules as a whole, it’s difficult to find any separation at all. After taking out games each team played against FCS teams, their opponents’ combined records are as follows:

Florida State: 50-52
Ohio State: 49-52

So where is Florida State’s glaring advantage in strength of schedule? The bigger question: What happens if both win out?

Assuming they do, Florida State’s best wins would be Clemson, Miami and then the Coastal division champion in the conference title game – Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami or Virginia Tech. Ohio State’s best wins would be Wisconsin, Michigan and then likely No. 16 Michigan State in the B1G title game.

Other than that, all the Seminoles and Buckeyes have done is obliterate a laundry list of bad teams. So why is Ohio State taking a hit in the BCS Standings while Florida State is not?

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