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BCS Standings: What if the Top 5 Were Contestants on NBC’s “The Voice”?

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Top 5 Teams Take the Stage

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NBC’s hit singing competition “The Voice” is one of the hottest shows on television these days. You know what else is must-see TV? College football in November.

The BCS title race is heating up to a boiling point with only a few weeks remaining and five teams currently engaged in a battle for the top two spots. Of course, there are several teams outside the top five that still have a chance to sneak into the title game. But at this point, Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Stanford and Baylor are firmly entrenched as the top contestants in this competition.

And these performers, just like the up-and-coming singers, are trying to impress voters with strong performances each week. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce.

But what if the two merged? What if college football’s top five teams had to take the stage this week and not the gridiron? What songs should they sing?

These are the deeply significant questions weighing on the hearts and minds of football fans across the nation. Without answers, we would be left to float aimlessly in a sea of longing and confusion. Our souls left to ponder the aforementioned musical mystery.

Luckily, a pop culture compass has been discovered. With it in hand we can now find our way back to the shores of a reassuring world where football teams are compared to tween wannabe celebrities.

Here are the songs best suited for college football’s top five. You’re welcome.

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5. Baylor: Linkin Park’s “In the End”

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Things aren’t the way they were before (Baylor is no longer a Big 12 doormat). You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore. Not that you knew me back then (no one watched Baylor games). But it all comes back to me in the end (the Bears will lose and drop out of the title picture).

I tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it doesn't even matter (that the tarp came off). I had to fall, to lose it all. But in the end, it doesn't even matter.

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4. Stanford: The Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends”

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What would you do if I sang out of tune (lost to Utah)? Would you stand up and walk out on me (remove me from the BCS title picture)? Lend me your ears (eyes) and I'll sing you a song (play better football), and I'll try not to sing out of key (get upset again).

Oh I get by (into the title game) with a little help from my friends. Oh I get high (-er in the polls) with a little help from my friends.

Do you need anybody? I need somebody to love (lose). Could it be anybody. I want somebody (Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor) to love (lose).

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3. Ohio State: Alison Krauss’ “On the Outside”

ohio state
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You've (Florida State’s) closed a door in front of me. I wait patiently outside. And as the minutes (weeks) tick away, I feel my anger rise.

And who's the object of my rage (national perception)? And who's not being fair (voters)? Is it you for your indifference? Or me for just standing there (in the B1G)?

Sometimes it's hard to understand, when they say that pride's a sin. Should I go or should I stay, on the outside looking in?

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2. Florida State: Michael Jackson’s “Bad”

florida state
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I'm giving you on count of three. To show your stuff or let it be. I’m telling you, just watch your mouth. I know your game, what you’re about.

Well they say, the sky’s the limit. And to me (FSU and Jameis Winston) that’s really true. But my friend, you have seen nothin’, just wait ‘til I get through (play Alabama for the national title).

Because I’m bad, I’m bad. Come on, you know I’m bad, I’m bad.

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1. Alabama: Nelly’s “Number One”

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I am number one. No matter if you like it. Here, take it, sit down and write it. I am number one. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Now let me ask you (Nick Saban) man... What does it take to be number one (“The Process”)? Two is not a winner, and three nobody remembers. Hey, what does it take to be number one?