Jameis Winston's Sexual Assault Investigation Dashes Florida State's BCS Title Hopes

By Connor Muldowney

Just when you think you are starting to like an athlete because he says and does all the right things, he goes out and does something stupid. Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault that took place in December of 2012, according to TMZ. It looks like Famous Jameis is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons now after sexual assault accusations.

If you have seen any college football this season, I bet you have heard this kid’s name as he has been the top quarterback in the nation all season long. As a redshirt freshman, he spent the 2012 season learning behind then-quarterback, EJ Manuel. However, he also might have spent the time doing things that he should not have been doing — like allegedly forcing himself upon a girl while alcohol was involved, according to TMZ‘s reports.

How does this affect the young superstar and Florida State’s title hopes? Well, if this is true, then it just goes to show that there are no longer any more good guys in sports. This kid seemed to be a well-spoken, good head on his shoulders type of player and that will be ruined with a charge of sexual assault on his name. Let’s hope it’s not true because this kid is one of those likable athletes in college sports, but it’s too bad a rumor like this could ruin his good name.

Sure, he can shake that image by staying on the straight and narrow from here on out, but there will always be those people who know him for that and that only. Florida State will hope this isn’t true or the reports are false, because without this kid, the offense won’t click the same way.

He has started every game this season and it can be argued that no one is more valuable to his team that Winston. It looks like if he is suspended, the BCS title hopes for the top ACC team will be dashed.

Tough break for the Seminoles and let’s hope this news isn’t true.

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