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Jameis Winston: 5 Reasons Why He Deserves The 2013 Heisman Trophy

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The Spectacle That Is Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston
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Throughout the 2013 college football season Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has taken the football world by storm with his incredible athletic ability and equally impressive statistical output. While some people expected the quarterback to take some time to adjust to playing at the collegiate level for the first time, it has been clear that no such adjustment period has been needed.

The redshirt freshman has not been fazed by anything that has come his way, be it oncoming defenses or ball hawking safeties, or even having to squint just to see his wide receivers. Seemingly these obstacles have only been child's play to Winston, as despite being only 19 years of age there are a number of people who feel he would be the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft if eligible.

As one would expect out of a player with this much hype and talent Winston is not only a candidate for the Heisman Trophy Award but in fact is the candidate. Nobody has stopped him throughout the season, and at times it appears the only thing stopping him is coach Jimbo Fischer deciding it is time to come out of a game.

When it comes to competition for this award the only other legitimate contender at this point is Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. As the reigning Heisman Trophy Award winner there was little doubt that Manziel would have a stellar 2013 season, and he has completely lived up to the hype with 3,313 passing yards, 611 rushing yards, 31 passing touchdowns and eight rushing touchdowns.

To say the least this statistical output is jaw-dropping, yet a number of reasons still stand as to why Winston is the better candidate to win college football's most prestigious award in 2013. Keeping this edge in mind we have compiled a list of the five reasons why Winston deserves the award and why these reasons push him ahead of Manziel and any other oncoming candidates.

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5. Two Dominant Performances Over Top-10 Opponents

Jameis Winston
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During the 2013 season Florida State has beaten both Clemson and Miami when they ranked in the top ten nationally in the process joining Stanford as the only two teams to accomplish this. During these two statement victories Jameis Winston has combined to complete 43-of-63 passes for 769 yards, four passing touchdowns and only one interception. As is always the case candidates for the Heisman Trophy are defined by their play in big games, and Winston has not only put in game changing performances but led his team to two victories as well. While other candidates can certainly boast big statistical games, there is none that can boast this combination of greatness and victories over top teams.

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4. Winston Is An Unselfish Player

Jameis Winston
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While Jameis Winston has by no means shied away from making big plays and being a game changing performer, he has also been willing to milk the clock and turn the ball over when Florida State finds themselves in blowout wins. Unfortunately for his statistics this occurs seemingly every week as the Seminoles have won all nine of their games by at least 14 points and eight out of nine by 28 points or more. This leaves the star in the dilemma of whether he should hand the ball off for much of the second half or pad his statistics and risk letting a team come back into a game. Fortunately he has decided to do what is best for the team, in turn filling out the integrity factor that voters look for when choosing who should win the Heisman Trophy.

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3. Florida State Is the Best Team In College Football

Jameis Winston
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As previously noted Florida State has absolutely smashed their opponents on the scoreboard, winning eight of their nine games by 28 points or more. When it is included that three of these opponents were ranked -- Clemson, Miami and Maryland -- it is easy to see the Seminoles have dominated good and bad opposition alike. After scoring the second most points in college football and allowing the fourth least it is also apparent they are great on both sides of the ball, which justifies the belief of many that they are the best team in the nation. While being on a great team is not a requirement to win the Heisman Trophy it certainly helps, and it shows that Winston has had a greater impact on his team than Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota, who have both lost big games to great teams.

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2. An Incredible Statistical Line

Jameis Winston
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Despite the fact that Florida State has blown out many of their opponents, there is little doubt that the statistical line picked up by Jameis Winston ranks amongst the best in college football. Through nine games he has thrown for 2661 yards, 26 touchdowns, a 69.2 completion percentage, a 192.2 passer rating and three rushing touchdowns. This line is jaw-dropping to say the least, and when one considers how much better it could be if the Seminoles kept the pedal down when up big in games it is even more astounding. Certainly statistical output is a big portion of winning the Heisman Trophy Award, and in this regard Winston is undoubtedly a front-runner.

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1. Winston Is the Most Talented Player In College Football

Jameis Winston
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At the end of the day the Heisman Trophy Award goes to the best college football player in the nation, and in 2013 that guy is Jameis Winston. The 6-foot-4 230-pound quarterback has a cannon of a arm, is amongst the most accurate quarterbacks in the country and has the mobility necessary to scramble out of the pocket and pick up big yardage when nothing is available to him. With plenty of scouts saying that he would be the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft if available it is clear that he is a world renowned talent. Talent level is ultimately what decides the Heisman Trophy Award -- as it is given to the best college football player in the nation after all -- and in this instance there is nobody that is on the same stratosphere as Winston.