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Johnny Manziel: 5 Why Reasons He Deserves The 2013 Heisman Trophy

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2013 Is the Year of Manziel

Johnny Manziel
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Over the last two college football seasons, there has been nobody that brings more excitement and resentment from the hearts of fans than Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. The redshirt sophomore has been nearly unstoppable during this time, gaining a massive amount of media attention and seemingly feeding off of it in order to get better with nearly every passing week.

Since coming onto the scene, Manziel has made a habit of tearing defenses apart with a mixture of passing and running the football that has not been seen in recent times, and has forced fans to be glued to the television anytime he steps on the field. This skill set has and must-watch television factor had a huge impact on the quarterback winning the Heisman Trophy Award in 2012. After watching him improve in 2013, it has become clear that no collegiate defense can stop him, not even Nick Saban and the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide.

Meanwhile, antics on and off the field have somewhat marred the success of Manziel, and led to many people completely hating the sight of seeing him on television. Incidents that have led to this included reports of getting paid money to autograph memorabilia, taunting opponents repeatedly, and getting thrown out of parties at other colleges. Each of these actions have received massive amounts of attention from sports outlets such as ESPN and Fox Sports, with many fans now feeling that they can't watch a sports game without seeing the quarterback's name getting mentioned.

While Manziel mania is one of the more divisive forces in the sporting world today, there is no doubting that it will continue to reign on for the foreseeable future. In fact, considering the fact that he is having a 2013 season for the ages, it very well could be exploding in the near future.

The star quarterback is not only a contender for the 2013 Heisman Trophy Award, he is the contender. While Bryce Petty, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and AJ McCarron are all great players, they simply have no chance to beat Manziel when it comes time for voters to turn in their ballots.

Instead of just stating rhetorical factors and defining why Manziel is such a great quarterback and why he will win the 2013 Heisman Trophy Award, we have compiled a list of five facts to back up our claim.


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5. Manziel Tears Apart The Big Boys

Johnny Manziel
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In Manziel's two games against Alabama and Auburn -- both teams rank in the top 10 today -- he has absolutely torn apart the teams' defenses. His statistical line over these two matches has read a 72.7 completion percentage, 918 passing yards, nine touchdowns, four interceptions, 146 rushing yards, and one touchdown. While both games ultimately ended up as losses, the fact that he picked up 86.5 percent of Texas A&M's yards during these games shows that he could have done nothing more on the field. In order to win the Heisman Trophy, it is imperative that you show up in the big games, and there is no doubting that Manziel has done just that.

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4. No One Is More Exciting In College Football Today

Johnny Manziel
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While there are no absolute statistics that define the excitement factor, there is no doubting that Manziel gets an A+ in this category. One must only watch the way that he throws his body through huge tackles, injuries and players directly targeting him and always gets right back up. Despite picking up these hits that would leave many people in a hospital bed, the star quarterback always finds a way to get passes off or fights his way to a first down. When this heart and soul efforts are combined with the fact that people are enamored by all of the off the field troubles he has gone through, there is no doubting that there is not a more must-watch football player -- and possibly athlete of any sport -- than when Manziel is on the field. This factor surely does not win a Heisman Trophy Award by itself, but it definitely helps.

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3. No Other Player Can Match Manziel's Statistical Output

Johnny Manziel
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Through 10 games in 2013, Manziel has been an absolute machine statistically, with his card reading a 73 percent completion percentage, 3313 passing yards, 31 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 611 rushing yards, and eight rushing touchdowns. To put this output into perspective, the star quarterback ranks better than Marcus Mariota, AJ McCarron, Bryce Petty, and Jameis Winston in each of these categories, besides interceptions thrown and rushing touchdowns, which is simply astounding. When it comes to voting for the Heisman Trophy Award, pure numbers often mean more than anything else, and nobody in the nation can match the statistical output of Manziel in 2013.

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2. Manziel Is A One Man Show

Johnny Manziel
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While the statistics that Manziel have put up in 2013 have surely been terrific, the fact that they have encompassed nearly all of Texas A&M's offense is even more impressive. The star quarterback has contributed 61.9 percent of his team's touchdowns scored via the air and run game, and has picked up an even greater 67.6 percent of their total offense from these two avenues. While these are impressive numbers, the fact that he has done this while Texas A&M's defense ranks 89th in points allowed, and his four main competitor's teams -- Alabama, Baylor, Oregon and Florida State -- each rank in the top 10 in this category make these numbers look even more astounding. Some will certainly discredit the benefit of having a great defense, but given the fact that each of these teams have much more dangerous side options on offense than Texas A&M, it is easy to see that what Manziel has done in 2013 is simply amazing.

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1. Manziel Is Actually Better Than He Was In 2012!

Johnny Manziel
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When Manziel won the Heisman Trophy Award in 2012, few people thought he could come back as good in 2013. The quarterback has not only came back as good, but he has actually got better. During the current season, he has upped his completion percentage, thrown for five more touchdowns, and improved on his passer rating by 31.6 points.

Furthermore, Manziel genuinely looks like a much better passer, which has allowed him to refrain from relying on running the football nearly as much. It has also nearly made him a lock to win the Heisman Trophy Award -- if one wins an award one year and is genuinely better the next year, it only makes sense that they would win the award again.