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15 College Football Coaches Who Will be Fired Very Soon

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15 College Football Coaches Waiting to be Fired

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The 2013 college football season is winding down as there are only three regular season weeks remaining. It's looking like some top teams with coaches who were already on the hot seat will have some tough decisions to make this offseason after underachieving seasons. Some coaches from smaller schools are also on the hot seat after being hired to turn the programs around, but failing miserably.

While first-year coaches are usually exempt from a list like this, I have included one guy that should have never left his former school to coach a power conference team. While he most likely won't be fired, he has done absolutely nothing with his team this season that says he deserves to come back for another season.

First-year coaches are rarely fired, but it does happen on occasion. However, the three-year mark is usually a good testing time for coaches. If they haven't made much of an improvement in their first three seasons with a school, they are usually sitting there waiting to be fired.

Some of the coaches on this list have had extremely successful pasts at the school their are with now, but this is a "what have you done for me lately?" type of business. You can have past national titles and conference titles, but if it's been five or more years since your school was among the elites, it might be time for you to start looking for a new job.

Lane Kiffin would have been on this list a couple of months ago, but the former USC Trojans head coach received his pink slip after a blowout loss to the Arizona State Sun Devils. However, his replacement was put in a bad position, because he may not be retained following the year.

Take a look at my list of 15 college football coaches who are just waiting to be fired and let me know who I've missed.

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Charlie Weis, Kansas

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Here's a guy who might just not be cut out for being a college football coach. Wies might be taking over a Kansas program that's not known for its football, but with a 3-18 start to his career at the school, his time is limited.

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Tim Beckman, Illinois

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Tim Beckman might have had some success as the head coach of Toledo from 2009-11, but the Big Ten is a different beast that he was not ready for. He looks like he's in way over his head and no conference wins in his first 13 attempts at the school is just pathetic -- him and Urban Meyer are complete opposites.

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Mack Brown, Texas

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Mack Brown has been head coach of Texas since 1998 and has had some success with the program, winning one national title and two Big 12 titles. However, he has just a 17-15 conference record since 2009 and it looks like if he wins the Big 12 title in 2013, he will save his job. Coaching at Texas means you get the top recruits in the nation, Brown isn't utilizing that pipeline enough.

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Will Muschamp, Florida

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Muschamp took over the team in 2012 and had a mediocre 7-6 season before taking the team to 11 wins and a BCS bowl in 2012 before starting the 2013 season with a losing record. This guy is not what Florida was hoping for.

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Ed Orgeron, USC

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It's not Orgeron's fault that he won't retain his job as head coach. The USC players love him and have been far more motivated to win for him since Kiffin was fired, but I'm sure USC will want to find a top-of-the-line coach to replace Orgeron and make him an assistant.

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Mark Richt, Georgia

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I'm going off what I hear from people close to Georgia on this one. Many people want Richt gone because with the talent he has, a national title should have happened by now. However, many believe that this was the season he was supposed to win it all and he won't even be winning a conference division title. Unfortunate for the solid coach.

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Bo Pelini, Nebraska

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I think the audio that was released on Pelini that was recording him calling his own fans names and saying he didn't need them was the breaking point. Nebraska, in my opinion, kept him as the head coach through the season in order to avoid a collapse of the program.

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Mike Leach, Washington State

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Mike Leach is always on the hot seat. He came in to try and turn Washington State around, but has failed to do so in his first two seasons as head coach.

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Mike London, Virginia

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Mike London excelled at Richmond before being hired by Virginia, but it seems like his teams keep getting worse and worse. With a record of 18-29 with the Cavaliers -- including an 8-22 conference record -- he could definitely be gone.

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Dan Enos, Central Michigan

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Enos was a former Michigan State quarterbacks and running backs coach before getting hired on as the head coach of Central Michigan. Two three-win seasons and a seven-win season to start his career at the school won't help him retain his position for 2014. Oh yeah, and he's just 3-6 to begin the 2013 campaign.

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Kirk Ferentz, Iowa

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Besides his 11-win season in 2009, the overpaid head coach of Iowa has had just one season with nine or more wins since 2005. The only thing keeping him in place is his pricy contract and his three straight 10-plus win seasons from 2002-04.

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Sonny Dykes, California

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Sonny Dykes might be in his first season at Cal, but he should have never left Louisiana Tech. The head coach has just one win through his first 10 games and no Pac-12 wins. It looks like he took a huge step back with Cal.

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Steve Sarkisian, Washington

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Washington hasn't won a conference title since 2000 and don't expect it to win one with Steve Sarkisian at the helm. He has guided the Huskies to a 26-25 record through his first four seasons and looks to have lost his team after a hot start to the 2013 season.

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Dan Mullen, Mississippi State

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It seems like Mullen and Mississippi State just can't compete in the SEC. If the Bulldogs want to win a conference title for the first time since 1941, they will need to find someone better than Mullen.

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Todd Berry, UL-Monroe

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This is a lesser known head coach, but the UL-Monroe Warhawks have been to just one bowl game in his four years as head coach. I don't think his career 51-84 record as a college football head coach is going to cut it.