Will Lincoln Finally Be Too Friendly To The Michigan State Spartans?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are known for many traditionals. Some have drifted from significance at times, but they have never been forgotten by the faithful Huskers fans who call themselves Husker Nation.

The Huskers love their option offense. They have a burning desire to have a dominant defense similar to the Michigan State Spartans defense that will be coming to town this weekend, one that once again can be referred to as Blackshirts.

The Huskers are also known for their hospitality. Yes, the Huskers have a home-field advantage when they play in Lincoln, but an opponent need not worry about derogatory or inflammatory heckling, nor is there a concern for foreign objects being hurled at visiting players in Memorial Stadium.

Outside of Memorial Stadium, visiting fans can expect a hospitable environment that will often feature free food and drinks. Along with home-raised corn-fed beef on the grill, Big Ten fans are also introduced to the delightfully polite Husker fans. What is it that separates the Huskers fans from other around the Big Ten and the rest of the country? Maturity.

That does not mean that 20-year-old Huskers fans are more mature than 20-year-old college football fans around the country. Actually, it means that the Huskers draw in fans of a wide range of ages to their stadium for each game. It is common to see three generations of Husker fans sitting together in the stands for a game. This maturity fosters a very pleasant environment for any college football fan to watch a game.

The commitment of these Nebraska fans from all around the state help contribute to another aspect of Husker football tradition. Huskers fans have a record that is unrivaled by any other school in college football: their consecutive sellout streak. That streak will live on after this season, but there is another one that is at a great risk of ending in Lincoln this weekend: consecutive wins over the Michigan State Spartans.

In fact, it is not so much a streak of consecutive wins as it is the fact that the Cornhuskers have never lost a football game to the Spartans. That’s right, they are 5-0.

The Huskers hang on to their traditions, their records and their heroes in a way that most other schools might find a bit odd. Rival schools and fan bases are often very annoyed with the passion that Huskers fans have for their program. These fans may be annoyed, but they are rarely unhappy once they meet the fans in Lincoln.

This weekend, the Huskers will once again be gracious hosts to all Michigan State fans. They will once again sell out Memorial Stadium. But for the sake of all of the fans who bleed Huskers red and make their long drives from family farms to Lincoln for the game on Saturday, hopefully the team will prove that once an opponent steps onto Tom Osborne Field, the hospitality ends.

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