Baylor Continues To Be Most Underrated Team In College Football

By Nicholas Crimarco

The Baylor Bears have been getting disrespected by voters all season long. They have only played one game that was decided by less than four TDs, and that was 10-point win against Kansas State. They are 9-0 after beating Texas Tech on Saturday, but went into the week ranked fifth behind a one-loss team.

The Stanford Cardinals went into the week ranked fourth, but will drop down to the bottom of the top-10 after a loss to USC on Saturday. Baylor will undoubtedly move into the top-four, but even that is disrespectful to the Bears. No team other than Florida State has been as dominant this year, yet they continue to be overlooked.

Ohio State, who is ranked third has had three games decided by 10 points or less,  survived two games that they should have lost. If not for a miraculous finish against Northwestern, they would be out of the conversation since they play in the weakest conference out of the big five. The Big 10 currently only has three ranked teams, and Ohio State doesn’t have to play any of them.

On the other hand, the Big 12 has four ranked teams and one that just dropped out in Texas Tech. Baylor has already beaten Oklahoma and Texas Tech by a combined score of 104-46 in the last two weeks, and they still have Oklahoma State and Texas remaining on their schedule.

If Baylor and Ohio State win out, there is no question that the Bears should jump them in the BCS standings. On Saturday against a very good Texas Tech team, Quarterback Bryce Petty threw for three TDs and ran for two to further his Heisman push. As a team, the Bears ran the ball 57 times for 340 yards and five TDs.

There is no more well-rounded team than the Bears in all of college football. They went into Saturday ranked third in passing, ninth in rushing, first in points for and seventh in points against. They are the only team to rank in the top-10 in those four categories.

While Florida State and Alabama remain in the driver’s seat for the BCS title game, Baylor should jump one of those teams to play for the Championship if they wins out in the dominating fashion. Florida State will only play one team that will finish this season ranked, and that should go into account when the final rankings come out.

Alabama deserves to be in the game because they are the undefeated two-time National Champions and play in the best conference in college football. They have had to play a ranked team almost every week and even though they don’t win in the prettiest way, they continue to prove they are the no. 1 team in the country.

This would be the perfect season for a playoff in college football, but since that’s not the case, one of these teams will get snubbed even though they have a case to be in the title game.

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