Urban Meyer’s Comments About “Flawed” BCS System are Ironic in Multiple Ways

By Jeric Griffin

The rocky, roller coaster-like career of Urban Meyer continued on Monday when he called the BCS “flawed” two days after his Ohio State Buckeyes improved to 10-0 on the season. Meyer’s new team is now 22-0 in his nearly two years as its head coach, yet Ohio State currently sits at No. 3 in the BCS standings with little hope of getting into the BCS National Championship Game. Thus, the timing of Meyer’s comments are pretty ironic.

It was Meyer’s Florida Gators who controversially got into the title game following the 2006 college football season and, even more ironically, beat Ohio State to capture a surprising championship in Chris Leak’s final (and Tim Tebow‘s first) season. Granted, a rematch of Michigan and Ohio State certainly wouldn’t have been any better, but Meyer’s team got lucky that year in the same flawed system. And if you want to play the Cinderella card, Boise State could have even played in that year’s title game as the only other undefeated team.

The problem with Meyer’s current Buckeyes team is they haven’t played anyone. Now that’s not really his fault — or his team’s — the Big Ten just doesn’t have much to offer this year. But that was the reason Boise State was left out in 2006 (and again in 2009), so Meyer could be consoled with the ancient Buddhist saying: What goes around, comes around.

Unless Alabama or Florida State loses, the Buckeyes should just be thankful they’re bowl eligible this year and enjoy their Rose Bowl appearance. Because really and truly, Baylor has more of a case for a BCS National Championship Game appearance than Ohio State, and that will only be strengthened if the Bears beat Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas while Ohio State yawns its way past Indiana, Michigan and likely Michigan State in the Big Ten title game.

Whether he, his team or Buckeyes fans want to admit it, Meyer got lucky before and now he’s being left out fairly. Now that’s not to say the BCS is getting it right — it is indeed a flawed system as Meyer said. However, Ohio State doesn’t have any signature wins and its close call against Northwestern is like a semi-loss at this point considering the Wildcats have lost six straight since that shootout in Evanston.

And on a final note, how ironic is it that this is happening in the final year of the BCS — with exactly four undefeated teams from major conferences — just one season before the four-team playoff kicks in? One must wonder if Meyer’s postgame speech to his team after the Rose Bowl will include the line “there’s always next year.”

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