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5 Reasons Why Baylor QB Bryce Petty Deserves the 2014 Heisman Trophy

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5 Reasons Bryce Petty Deserves Heisman Trophy Consideration

Bryce Petty
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With just a few weeks left in the College Football regular season, Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston appear to be the top two in the Heisman Race and deservedly so. However, Baylor Bears quarterback Bryce Petty deserves serious consideration as well.

Baylor is quickly becoming a terrific story in college football. They are undefeated and an exciting team to watch. They have an offense that is fast paced and leads the nation in points per game. While much of the attention is focused on the Oregon Ducks' offense, Baylor's offense deserves just as much praise. They also have a strong defense that complements the offense.

This year, Baylor and Bryce Petty are outdoing the production and expectations that even Robert Griffin III put up. They are reaching new heights as a program and are close to their first ever BCS berth in school history.

If Petty were to win the Heisman Trophy award it will be a true underdog winner. At the start of the season, Petty's name was not discussed in forecasting potential candidates. Even now with just a few weeks left he is still an under the radar contender. For many reasons, both positive and negative, the publicity is consistently centered around Winston and Manziel while Petty continues to go about his business.

The Heisman Trophy is to be awarded to the most outstanding player in college football, but team success still plays an element as well. Winston and Petty currently lead undefeated teams while Manziel cannot make the same argument.

Having closely watched a few Baylor games this season, here are a few more reasons why Bryce Petty deserves serious considerations.

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5. A Quarterback is a Lock to Win This Year's Award

Bryce Petty
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Quarterbacks have won six of the last seven Heisman Trophy Awards. The quarterback is the face and leader of every team. The position always creates the most candidates, deserving or not. Along with Winston, Manziel, and Petty, a case can be made for Jordan Lynch, AJ McCarron, and Marcus Mariota as well. All six players will make any team better regardless of conference.

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4. Plays in a Power Conference

Bryce Petty
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Bryce Petty and Baylor are from the Big 12 Conference which is a conference that does receive an automatic BCS bid. Petty has led his team to an undefeated season up to this point and on the brink of a conference championship, BCS berth, and an outside chance at playing for a National Championship. In the past those have all been credentials suitable for a Heisman. See: Sam Bradford and Jason White.

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3. It's Not Just the System

Bryce Petty
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There are a few colleges across the country that put up the video game like stats and numbers. It is great for television, fantasy purposes, and recruitment. However, those systems do not always produce the best professional prospects. The current Baylor system also made Robert Griffin III a star. Although they wore the same jersey, RG3 and Bryce Petty have different styles and abilities. Griffin was a Heisman winner as well, so it might not just be the system.

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2. The Numbers are Legitimate

Bryce Petty
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This is Petty's first year as a full time starter in college. The team is undefeated to this point and the offense is rolling along arguably better then it has the last two seasons. Petty currently leads the nation in passer rating and could break the NCAA record. He averages 3.8 touchdowns per game and has only thrown one interception. Petty's stats are just as impressive as Manziel and Winston.

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1. His Image is Clean

Bryce Petty
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While Johnny Manziel had off field trouble at the beginning of the season and Jameis Winston is currently going through speculation, nothing of the same nature has involved Bryce Petty. Might voters steer clear of off field issues and allow Petty to receive more votes?