FSU: "Famous" Jameis Winston Becoming Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

By Ryan Wenzell
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Winston has been simply brilliant on the field. He is having a Heisman campaign, and his Florida State Seminoles are ranked second in the nation — all this as a redshirt freshman.

Unfortunately, Winston is in some hot water. He is being accused of sexual assault and now prosecutors have DNA evidence to make him the person of interest in the case.

Perhaps this will all go away and will be much ado about nothing. Right now though, it does not look good for the freshman superstar quarterback. One thing that will take a huge hit until this case is resolved are his Heisman trophy chances. Winston was the out-and-out favorite to take home the award before all this came to light, thanks to his play on the field and his team’s success. Now, voters will certainly reconsider his candidacy due to the allegation.

Keep in mind, this can all be resolved before it’s time to vote, but it doesn’t look good right now. This makes fellow quarterback Johnny Manziel, who is no stranger to controversy either, the favorite to repeat and take home the award. This is truly a shame. Winston is having a historic season for a freshman quarterback and has been rightfully put in the middle of the national spotlight, and this case is overshadowing all of that.

Hopefully, this is one big misunderstanding and Winston can have it cleared up in time for him to take home the award that he deserves.

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