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10 College Football Coaches Whose Seats Are On Fire

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Gauging Who Will Go In the College Football Firing Frenzy

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As we get into Week 13 of the 2013 college football season there are very few teams whose season still sits on the edge of either being a success or failure. This comes largely down to the nature of college football being a sport that can be decided by early season losses and leaves teams that started off poorly either in the position of clawing their way back into the bowl picture or simply looking forward to the 2014 season.

One major effect of teams that had a poor season being able to identify that their season is already over is that they can also easily gauge whether or not they feel comfortable with what is going on with their program. Heading out these state of the program discussions specifically is each schools' situation at the position of head coach. These coaches are continuously gauged on a number of factors, including internal issues, recruiting issues and of course how the on-field product looked in the preceding season.

Already we have seen Lane Kiffin leave USC and Paul Pasqualoni get canned at Connecticut, with the final weeks of the 2013 season looking likely to see at least another ten coaches go out the door. Taking this into account we have compiled a list of the ten college football coaches that need to be fired immediately. For each of these coaches there is both substantial reason to believe that their school is considering dropping the hammer and equal reason to believe it would be in the school's best interest to get rid of their coach immediately.

Enjoy, and feel welcome to provide feedback.

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10. Dan Mullen - Mississippi State

Dan Mullen
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Throughout Dan Mullen's time at Mississippi State the team has combined to pick up a 33-28 record, which is great considering the school's prior football teams. The only problem with this record is that the team has been very poor against top competition and has not won against a ranked opponent since beating Florida in October of 2010. In 2013 this trend has continued to rear its head, as Mississippi State has lost all five of their games against ranked opponents and subsequently has a 4-6 record. Continuously losing to good teams is a recipe for disaster in the SEC, and at some point Mullen will have to pay for it.

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9. Bo Pelini - Nebraska

Bo Pelini
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Bo Pelini has by no means had awful results on the field during his six year run at Nebraska. He has won ten games three different times and has an acceptable 7-3 record in 2013. While this isn't quite the National Championship contending team that Cornhusker fans want to see, it is by no means a fire-able offense. What is means to get fired is the fact that Pelini has continuously flirted with other programs during his tenure in Nebraska and lambasted the team's fan base in an audio tape released this September. At some point relieving the tension around the program and bringing in a fresh face will have to come before slightly above average results for the program, and as a result Pelini should be fired immediately.

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8. Norm Chow - Hawaii

Norm Chow
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Although Norm Chow has historically been a great coaching mind everywhere he has gone, it is utterly apparent that he is not the solution at head coach for Hawaii. Since taking over prior to the 2012 season he has compiled a 3-19 record, including an embarrassing 0-10 record in 2013. This is simply not acceptable for any program, and when it is considered that Chow is 67 years old it is utterly apparent that Hawaii's best option is to find the long term fix at head coach that they are going to need sooner rather than later.

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7. Rich Ellerson - Army

Rich Ellerson
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Over the last three seasons Rich Ellerson has seen Army take a huge drop in on-field success as they have gone from a 7-6 team in 2010 to go 8-26 record since. While Army is by no means expected to win National Championships, they do want to put a good product on the field and surely will not accept winning two or three games a season. The only way to avoid this fate at this point is to get rid of Ellerson and start over with a coach that can revive the program.

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6. Jim Grobe - Wake Forest

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After 13 years with Wake Forest it appears that Jim Grobe's tenure is finally coming to an end. This is because the school has not had a winning season since 2008 and at 4-6 in 2013 look extremely unlikely to break this trend in 2013. Additionally the school has not showed any sign of competing with top teams and seemingly has seen the system that made Grobe successful early on be figured out in recent times. It was a good run for the coach, but eventually all good things need to come to an end.

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5. Dana Holgorsen - West Virginia

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Since an Orange Bowl win in 2011 things have gone downhill quickly for Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia. In 2012 and 2013 the school has gone 7-6 and then 4-7 in 2013, in turn showing an amazingly quick drop for the third year coach. To make things worse than just the record, Holgorsen has publicly questioned the effort of his players, and one can feel the tensions rising in West Virginia. While things could conceivably get better, starting over with a fresh face and new ideas would seem to be a good idea for a program that was a perennial BCS contender only a few years ago.

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4. Mike London - Virginia

Mike London
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As a fourth year coach at Virginia one would expect that Mike London would have his best season, as the team is now almost entirely composed of people he recruited. To the contrary, however, they are having their worst season yet with a 2-8 record that will make nearly all of the school's fans cringe. With two games left against Miami and Virginia Tech it would take a miracle for the school to not finish 2-10, and it would also be a miracle to see London come back in 2014.

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3. Paul Rhoads - Iowa State

Paul Rhoads
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During Paul Rhoads' first four seasons at Iowa State it looked as if he always had the program just on the brink of being capable to compete for a spot in the top-25, but they would ultimately just fall short. Still, the school's combined 24-27 record from 2008 to 2012 left some room for optimism. This positive outlook has been all but dashed in 2013 as Iowa State has gone 1-9 with their only win coming against Tulsa. Considering the fact that this came as Rhoads now has a team full of his own recruits is extremely discouraging and makes it all but necessary that he is fired as soon as possible.

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2. Will Muschamp - Florida

Will Muschamp
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Since taking over for Urban Meyer prior to the 2011 season it has been extremely tough for Will Muschamp to mold Florida to fit his identity and also get the school's fans on his side. During the 2011 season the team limped to a 7-6 record, before recovering for an encouraging 11-2 record before again taking a huge step back in 2013. Currently Florida has a 4-6 record, and with a season finale against Florida State looking like a loss it appears the school will finish with their first losing record since 1979. With fans already voicing their opinions that Muschamp needs to go, things are stacking up against the coach and one must wonder why he has not been fired to date.

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1. Mack Brown - Texas

Mack Brown
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Texas head coach Mack Brown has been on the hot seat for nearly all of the 2013 season, and for good reason. The once dominant program has not won ten games or more since 2009, and after starting off 1-2 this year there was genuine doubt as to how bad the year could be. They were able to compile six straight wins after that start -- albeit against mostly lackluster opponents -- but a 38-13 loss to Oklahoma State put the pressure right back on. Between fans, the media and even Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson there seems to be genuine disgust with Brown, and there is no reason to believe things will get better any times soon. While the coach has had a spectacular 16 year run, the time has come to bring in a new face and get Texas back to the top of the college football food chain.