5 Reasons Why Ed Orgeron Deserves the USC Job

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Ed Orgeron: 5 Reasons Why He Should Be Next USC Football Head Coach

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The USC Trojans have had a resurgent second half of the NCAA Football season as the now 8-3 team has marched itself back into the Top 25 BCS Rankings. The Trojans owe a huge part of that resurrection to their interim head coach, Ed Orgeron, who has proved that he deserves to become the USC Head Coach full time after the 2013 season.

After Lane Kiffin was fired, leaving the Trojans in shambles, Orgeron stepped in readily and willingly with a passion to restore the program to its rightful place as one of the best teams in the Pac 12. Orgeron certainly inherited one of the most talented teams in the country with players of the likes of Marqis Lee, Nelson Agholor, Su’a Cravens and Morgan Breslin. Nevertheless, the most talented players do not always mesh well together and end up underachieving, just as the Trojans did while under Kiffin.

With a turnaround that climaxed just last week in a win over #4 ranked Stanford, the Trojans now only face two more games against Colorado and a tough UCLA team in order to finish the season with 10 wins and a shot at a decent bowl game. Although this could have been a season USC finished with one win or less, Orgeron has turned the team around and led his Trojans back to form. With the performance he has put together thus far and what he will likely lead his team to do by the end of the season, Orgeron most certainly deserves to get hired on permanently.

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1. Support From Lake Kiffin

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In an ESPNLA 710AM radio interview on Thursday, the former USC head coach said “That’s easy. It should be Ed Orgeron – how can you even possibly think of anyone else.” A vote of confidence from the man who knows the USC program and players better than anyone else should be sound evidence that Orgeron is the man for the job. Kiffin knows exactly how the team works and what Orgeron has to work with and clearly thinks the interim coach should be promoted to the permanent head coach. Pat Hayden and USC would be wise to listen to him.

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2. Intense Enthusiasm

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Orgeron has brought back a level of enthusiasm and excitement to USC that has not been seen since the days of Pete Carroll. Coach O. can regularly be seen pumping up his team with a bellowing shout and an energy that is contagious. The USC players have clearly responded to Orgeron’s spirited antics and are playing great as a result. The team needs Orgeron’s passion to keep them going.

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3. Family Philosophy

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The concept of being a family and fighting as a cohesive group has been one of Orgeron’s preaching points since the beginning. Orgeron went so far as to bring the players along with their own families to the Coliseum before their first game under his leadership. The mass of people gathered together to pray over the game as a group and USC’s players have responded perfectly. The Trojans’ quarterback, Cody Kessler, has said that he “would go to war for” Coach Orgeron. USC has the leader they need who is building a community within a sports program.

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4. Learned From Past Mistakes

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Orgeron recently talked with Colin Cowherd about his past failures as the head coach of Ole Miss:  “I tried to do everything.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  I wanted my hands in everything.  Now, I’m letting my coaches coach…I’m the motivator, I keep everything together.  If I see something wrong, I try to fix it, but more or less, I’m the CEO of the program and it’s working.”

Orgeron has learned that he cannot be the dictator but most rely on his whole staff to get the job done, just as his players must not try to win the game by themselves. With a new philosophy on team management and order, Orgeron is much wiser than he was while leading the Rebels to a 10-25 record during his tenure. He will not make the mistakes of his past again and USC stands to benefit from his aged wisdom.

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5. Midseason Turnaround

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The Trojans are now 5-1 since Orgeron took over as the interim head coach. After Kiffin left, Orgeron stepped up and helped turn this talented team around. From a 3-2 record with losses against underwhelming opponents to an 8-3 record with a momentous win against #4 ranked Stanford last week, Orgeron has spun USC 180 degrees. The resurgence has earned the Trojans #23 in the BCS rankings and the team looks to continue to rise. If Orgeron can finish the season with wins against Colorado and UCLA, there is almost no way Pat Hayden and the USC Athletic Department can overlook his accomplishments.

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