Quick Takes on the Week 14 BCS Standings

By Kris Hughes

The Week 14 BCS Standings have been released and there’s been some marginal movement at the top of the rankings, most of it expected given the weekend’s games. The Auburn Tigers and Missouri Tigers are the biggest beneficiaries of the Baylor Bears getting blown-out by the Oklahoma State Cowboys on Saturday.

It’s still an open race at the top of the standings, although the championship picture is now a little more clear with only three undefeated teams left at the top of the heap. The Ohio State Buckeyes now lay in wait for either Alabama or Florida State to lose unexpectedly. For anyone else to slide their way into the championship game, it’ll take a string of losses among the top three teams, which at this point in the season doesn’t seem very likely.

Regardless, here are the BCS Standings as they shake out for Week 14:

1   Alabama   0.9880
2   Florida State   0.9697
3   Ohio State   0.9200
4   Auburn   0.8236
5   Missouri   0.8077
6   Clemson   0.7726
7   Oklahoma State   0.7615
8   Stanford   0.6665
9   Baylor   0.6456
10   South Carolina   0.6101
11   Michigan State   0.5780
12   Arizona State   0.5052
13   Oregon   0.4950
14   Northern Illinois   0.4620
15   Wisconsin   0.4448
16   Fresno State   0.4124
17   LSU   0.3737
18   Oklahoma   0.3380
19   UCF   0.3364
20   Louisville   0.2522
21   Texas A&M   0.2243
22   UCLA   0.1921
23   USC   0.1179
24   Duke   0.0885
25   Notre Dame   0.0674

The true argument now is which of the three one loss teams would stand the greatest chance to be in the national championship picture assuming only one undefeated team remained at the end of the regular season and the conference championship games which play out over the course of the next few weeks.

The Auburn Tigers have a chance to literally control their own destiny now in Saturday’s Iron Bowl against Alabama. A win over the Crimson Tide could not only potentially vault the Tigers into an SEC Championship Game appearance as the winners of the SEC West, but at the same time, place them firmly in the National Championship conversation should Ohio State or Florida State slip up. In short, it’s the biggest game of Gus Malzahn’s brief tenure at Auburn, and one that is as anticipate as any in the school’s history.

The Missouri Tigers have similar ability to control their own fate. Should Auburn lose to Alabama, the Tigers would face the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship (all things staying par for the course, that is) and have the ability to hand Alabama their first loss of the season and potentially slide into the BCS accordingly.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys did themselves plenty of favors by blowing out Baylor, and in spite of them being a slot behind Clemson, are the stronger team in terms of quality wins and conference power. If the Cowboys win out and take home a Big 12 regular season title, they’ll participate in a first-tier bowl which will earn the type of payout necessary for the OSU administration to lockdown Mike Gundy and keep him from pursuing the multiple greener pastures which could be available in the off-season.

There’s only two weeks left of regular season football for most teams in the BCS mix and you can rest assured they’ll be two of the more entertaining in recent college football history.


Kris Hughes is a Senior Writer, Business Analyst and College Content Coordinator for Rant Sports.

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