Oregon's Cockiness Becomes Their Downfall In Loss To Arizona

By Jesse Oakley

The Oregon Ducks are a powerhouse in the Pac-12, and really all of college football. However, after saying the Rose Bowl would be “no big deal,” and all that matters is a national championship, it appears the Ducks’ own ego has gotten the best of them.

Arizona came into this game being a 20.5-point underdog at home. They had lost two straight home games, so having that big of a margin at home shouldn’t have been a surprise against a powerful Oregon team, right?

Wrong. After not living up to the Ducks’ 40-point quota against Stanford and blowing off the Rose Bowl like it should already be theirs, Oregon blew it big time. Arizona came charging out of the gate like no other, determined to crush Oregon. They did just that, storming ahead to a 28-9 lead by halftime, deflating the Ducks’ moral and leaving the Oregon faithful scratching their heads.

The second half was worse than the first, with Oregon only managing a single touchdown in the fourth quarter. Arizona stomped all over Oregon, 42-16, and made them show their biggest flaw — their cockiness.

The Ducks can come into a stadium and put on a light show, but when it gets to the point of making claims and not living up to the hype they’ve created, that’s when it becomes a problem. Their loss to Stanford told a pretty good story as they put up their only points in the fourth quarter and let Stanford shut them down. Remember the 40 points De’Anthony Thomas said they’d put on Stanford? Oregon only got half of that in a comeback effort that ultimately failed.

Having one loss doesn’t completely eliminate you from the BCS, but taking a loss to an average Arizona team? That was the final blow to an Oregon team that became too big for their own words this season.

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