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Iowa Hawkeyes’ Christmas Wish List

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Iowa Hawkeyes' Christmas Wish List

Iowa Hawkeye Christmas Wish List
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Thanksgiving is now here and with each week Christmas is rapidly approaching. Everyone is entitled to submit their annual request to Santa Claus. Moms would like jewelry and another healthy year for their children. Young boys desire footballs, basketballs, trucks, and Legos. Young girls ask Santa for makeup, dolls, clothes, and music. Dads, well dads want naps, silence, a newspaper to read, and wins for their football team.

For some college football fans what creates wins for their favorite team could fill out their holiday wish list. A new running back like the next coming of Bo Jackson so strong he cannot be tackled or perhaps a linebacker as ferocious Lavar Arrington was for Coach Joe Paterno would be nice. Some may be in search of an individual so transcendent that a stadium be named after them like the Iowa Hawkeyes have naming Kinnick Stadium for former player Nile Kinnick.

This year Iowa Hawkeye fans will get their pencil and pen out to ask Santa Claus for new tractors and combines and for corn prices to remain at a reasonable level. Other more cosmopolitan Iowans will be asking Santa Claus for continued urban development. Fifty percent of the state of Iowa will be asking for help for the Iowa State Cyclones, and the remainder of the state will be in favor of the state's historically more dominant football team in the Big Ten’s Iowa Hawkeyes. Here is a look at what is on the Iowa Hawkeyes' Christmas wish list this year.

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6. Speed

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What does every college football team want for Christmas? Speed. This is an item that will undoubtedly be featured on every football coach's Christmas list this year. The Hawkeyes once passed the class of college speed at wide receiver in return specialist Tim Dwight. The Hawkeyes would love to have another game changer with speed like Dwight’s.

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5. Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers
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The Huskers have an established rushing attack that will be returning next season. Some high quality members of the receiving corps would make a huge difference for quarterback Jake Rudock.

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4. Good Health for Jake Rudock

Good Health for Jake Rudock
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The Hawkeyes have a now established quality starter who should be returning next season. The team would love to keep Ruddock healthy and eliminate any controversy over who lays claim to the position. Ruddock also has skills as both a runner and a passer, and a dual threat quarterback at Iowa could be a welcome change.

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3. A Heartland Trophy

A Heartland Trophy
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The Iowa Hawkeyes have won rivalry games recently, but one in particular continues to elude them. The Heartland Trophy against the Wisconsin Badgers would be a welcome prize to be place next to the CyHawk trophy in Iowa City.

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2. A Replacement for C.J. Fiedorowicz

A replacement for C.J. Fiedorowicz
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Tight ends at Iowa have found a great deal of success in coach Ferentz's pro-style offense. Some tight ends from Iowa have gone on to have storied NFL careers like Super Bowl champion Dallas Clark. Fiedorowicz will be difficult to replace as a blocker and a pass catcher. Size like his is hard to find.

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1. A Big Ten Championship Appearance

A Big Ten Championship Appearance
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Every team in the Big Ten would love a chance to earn a spot in the Rose Bowl. The Iowa Hawkeyes are one of the few teams who always seems to be right on the cusp of earning the right to play for a Big Ten title which could lead to a Rose Bowl appearance. The Iowa Hawkeyes would love to put a Big Ten championship on their Christmas wish list.