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What the Iowa Hawkeyes are Thankful For

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What the Iowa Hawkeyes are Thankful For

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Fall is without a doubt the most significant of the four seasons in the state of Iowa. With that said fall brings with it many things. Of course fall encompasses the end of summer and the rapidly approaching culmination of another year. It also has major holidays including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall will mark the beginning of the school year and with that the beginning and conclusion of fall football. Frigid temperatures and blitzing winds force out the warm weather of the summer, and soon yards are full of leaves and not long after driveways will be awaiting reluctant sons and daughters with snow shovels.

While a state to the west may lay claim to the title of the “Cornhusker State” no other state produces corn with annual yields that rival what farmers in the Hawkeye state do. In Iowa fall also means harvesting the bountiful corn crop. Green, silver, and red combines across the state wait patiently for adequate weather conditions and the available semi-truck to haul away their abundant crop. While farmers of all ages traverse the hills of Iowa in tractors and combines often seven days a week they are fortunate enough to have one day a week to tune into a football game featuring either their Iowa State Cyclones or the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Head Coach Kirk Ferentz’s Iowa Hawkeyes have had an interesting 2013 football season. Though there are many areas that the team could improve upon there are also fragments of the team that these farmers can be very thankful for.

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6. Jake Rucock

Jake Rudock
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Questions about the quarterback position were often asked throughout the offseason in Iowa City, but the Hawkeyes have found a keeper. Hawkeye fans should be thankful for their young quarterback and excited for his future.

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5. Kirk Ferentz

Kirk Ferentz
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The Hawkeyes should be thankful that they now have the elder statesmen as a head coach in the Big Ten. Coach Ferentz has been everywhere in the Big Ten and knows how to lead his team to victories in big games. The Hawkeyes coach has received interest from other programs and even heard his name rumored for NFL positions at times, yet he has remained content in his position as the Hawkeyes' head man.

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4. Rushing Attack

Rushing Attack
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The Iowa Hawkeyes once again have another strong rushing attack. The Hawkeyes have running backs who contribute in each class other than their senior class. They should be thankful for their strength at running back.

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3. C.J. Fiedorowicz

C.J. Fiedorowicz
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The Hawkeyes are thankful for another outstanding tight end. Fiedorowicz is a cog in the Hawkeye offense that will be hard to replace. A 6-foot-7 265-pound pass catcher will always be difficult to find as the senior has five touchdowns this season.

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2. James Morris

James Morris
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The Iowa Hawkeyes are thankful for senior linebacker James Morris. Morris is an outstanding team leader and an even more decorated scholar. The student athlete has 374 career tackles.

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1. Brandon Scherff

Brandon Scherff
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The Iowa Hawkeyes are always thankful for their offensive line. The power and athleticism of their offensive line is what allows the Hawkeyes to have the success rushing the ball. Offensive tackle Brandon Scherff is the leader of the Hawkeyes' offensive line this season.