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What the Nebraska Cornhuskers are Thankful For

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What the Nebraska Cornhuskers Should Be Thankful For

What the Nebraska Cornhuskers are Thankful For?
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Fall is a season of vast importance in the state of Nebraska. It means a lot of things for agrarians across the vast plains. Preparing for a hard freeze, stock piling feed for livestock, hauling stalk bales and hay off of fields are all important tasks that must be done. There are countless chores including winterization of the farm and getting out chains and putting loaders on tractors. The landscape will soon be white with the snow of the winter season. Nebraskans will undoubtedly be thankful for all of the hard work they put in during the warmer more hospitable months leading up to the winter. Completion of the tasks in good weather does not mean that Nebraskans can take off the next four months and hibernate by a warm fire place. Farming is a seven day a week job. Farmers feed cattle and cattle feed Americans. As the clock ticks down signaling the end of fall and farmers battle freezing temperatures and blitzing wind they have one thing to distract them from the urgency of their tasks at hand and the weather that impedes their completion of the job: Husker Football.

Some may consider it an unfortunate curse that the most demanding time of the year for Nebraskans falls in the same season as the one respite of a tough life. Big Red football fans have never allowed the fact that the two coincide with one another bother them; in fact members of Big Red Nation embrace it. Husker fans plan for game day and get work for the week done; if not combines and tractors have radios. Husker fans are always thankful for their football team. Here are a few specifics that Husker fans can be thankful for this season.

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7. Ameer Abdullah

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers are thankful for the Junior I-back who is one of the nation’s top rushers this season. Abdullah features fantastic speed and elusiveness. The Huskers' offense has been carried buy Abdullah this season.

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6. Tommy Armstrong

Tommy Armstrong
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The development of the freshman quarterback was expedited this season due to the injury to Taylor Martinez. While Armstrong has a lot of learning to do his leadership and presence is something that seems to have been missing from the position under Martinez's direction.

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5. Ron Kellogg Jr

Ron Kellogg Jr
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The Huskers have not seen a truer backup quarterback since legendary quarterback Brook Berringer. What did Berringer do? Well he stepped in for a Heisman Hopeful quarterback and led a team not built around his strengths; sound familiar? Oh yeah, and both quarterbacks are home state prospects.

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4. Bo Pelini’s Thick Skin

Bo Pelini’s Thick Skin
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Husker fans can be thankful that their head coach has a very thick skin. Bo Pelini may put off a vibe man who is always on edge ready to burst, but the truth is that he has never truly burst. He just looks the part. This season surely presented him with the opportunity to do so many times. Questionable calls on a targeting penalty against Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the Purdue game and a touchdown called back because of a personal foul against Sam Burtch against Penn State were two opportunities for Pelini to blow. Pelini has also dealt with the recording release from years ago and people calling for his position to be relinquished all season.

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3. Randy Gregory

Randy Gregory
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The Huskers are thankful for their most promising defensive prospect next season. If for some reason Abdullah is not a Husker next year Gregory will be the most hyped player on the squad for 2014. Greggory is a true threat to get in the opponent’s backfield each and every play.

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2. Another Stellar Secondary

Another Stellar Secondary
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The Huskers are thankful for another good secondary. Bo Pelini was hired for his ability to coach defenses and one of his strengths has been his secondary each year. He has been criticized for sticking to a man to man defense too often at times, but at the end of the season Pelini led secondaries continue to hold up and give their pass rushers time to get to the quarterback. The Huskers have two defensive backs with four interceptions this season, Ciante Evans and Stanley Jean-Baptiste.

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1. Depth

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The Huskers have been a deep squad all season. This team has suffered more injuries than any Husker squad in recent memory. The worst losses have been on the offensive side of the ball with injuries at wide receiver, tight end, offensive line, and quarterback. The Huskers continue to step up, plug someone in and compete.