Michigan State Spartans Nearly Guarantee BCS Bowl Berth With Wisconsin Loss

By Connor Muldowney
Michigan State
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The Auburn Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday afternoon and the Michigan State Spartans are rejoicing. How does that victory personally affect the Spartans, you might ask? Well, with an Alabama loss, dropping them from the No. 1 spot, it is very likely that the Ohio State Buckeyes will move up to the No. 2 spot before the season is over.

As Ohio State claims the No. 2 spot in the BCS standings, the Spartans are nearly a lock to make their first Rose Bowl appearance in 25, nearly 26, years and just their fifth ever. How does this guarantee a Rose Bowl? If Ohio State is the No. 2 team in the nation when the two teams meet, the Spartans can win and officially guarantee the Rose Bowl or lose and watch the Buckeyes go to the national title game while Michigan State goes to the Rose Bowl by default.

While no Spartans players or fans want to go to the Rose Bowl by default, nearly guaranteeing an appearance has to feel pretty good since it hasn’t happened in the current players’ lifetimes.

It must feel good to know that Michigan State is at least guaranteed a spot in a BCS bowl game after a Wisconsin Badgers loss on Saturday as Michigan State will likely be the No. 2 Big Ten team no matter what.

However, no BCS bowl means more to this program under Mark Dantonio than the Rose Bowl. A bowl that hasn’t been approached by this program in a few years and a bowl that has seemed so unattainable for the past couple decades after a wealth of poor luck.

How does it feel Spartan fans? Michigan State is likely Rose Bowl bound — and hopefully not by default.

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