Ohio State Buckeyes Fend Off Michigan Wolverines, Stay In BCS Title Hunt

By Trevor Lowry
Ohio State Buckeyes
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Ohio State Buckeyes were in a thriller Saturday afternoon against the Michigan Wolverines. Who would’ve thunk it since the two are part of one of the greatest rivalries in sports and all. Regardless, the Buckeyes came out on top (42-41), which means they are still in the BCS title hunt.

Ohio State is now 12-0 on the season and has a great chance of making the championship game. Florida State or Alabama still has to lose before the Buckeyes can make the title game, though. The Buckeyes are currently in third place in the BCS standings.

Things are going to get really interesting if the top three teams in the BCS end the season with perfect records. Before the college football world is filled with chaos, though, let’s first worry about Ohio State’s next game against Michigan State–the Big Ten championship game.

Michigan State is ranked No. 11 in the BCS, so it is not like the Buckeyes have it easy or anything like that. Still, a win would put them into the national championship game… or that is at least how it should be. Who knows what will happen if Florida State and Alabama also finish off the season perfect–assuming Ohio State does.

I’ll tell you one thing, the Crimson Tide definitely will not get the short end of the stick.

Ohio State fans, your team beat its biggest rival. Up next is Michigan State for the Big Ten championship. Then, who knows? Maybe the national championship game.

Regardless, the Buckeyes just need to focus on their last game before bowl season and nothing else. Let the writers, the fans and everyone else worry about their chances of making the title game.

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