Arizona State Playing Stanford In Pac-12 Championship Is Refreshing

By Jesse Oakley
Mark J. Rebilas- USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 Championship Game is normally one with two powerhouses going at each other, like Oregon against USC. Sure, some of us had Stanford in the Championship, because with the Ducks out the Cardinal are the heir to the North Division throne. Who thought that Arizona State would be in the Championship? Anyone? Anyone?

The Sun Devils started out the season with a blowout win against Sacramento State, 55-0, then got another win in a very weird way against Wisconsin, 32-30. However, they then lost to Stanford 42- 28, but it was at Stanford. If Arizona State locks up home-field, that should be a big help.

Having a Pac- 12 Championship game without a huge dominating presence is a breath of fresh air. It’s time for someone new to start taking over the Pac-12. Honestly, I’d much rather see Arizona State vs. Stanford than Oregon, USC, or any other powerhouse team for that matter, but that’s just me.

Stanford is a great football team, and they’ve been proving it all season. They don’t normally have huge blowouts against teams, which is good for Arizona State, who seems to thrive in close games. The Cardinal have been in the top 15 of the BCS all year and have only two losses on the season. However, those losses are huge considering they came against Utah, a bottom-feeder Pac-12 team, and an upset by an unranked USC team at the last second.

This Pac-12 Championship won’t be the most memorable one, but it’s certainly refreshing to see some new faces in the race for the Rose Bowl.

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