UCLA May Win More Than Potential Recruits With Victory

By Karim Akbar
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Walking around the streets of Los Angeles this weekend, you would think there was only one marquee college team in town. Rivalry week is over and Trojan fans packed up shop, retreating back to downtown L.A. while sulking over the blowout loss, another devastating loss on the season. Blue and gold sweatshirts ruled the streets on Sunday. These are troubling times for Tommy the Trojan.

Does UCLA run the show now? Not so fast, as Lee Corso would put it. UCLA doesn’t own it outright even with a convincing victory. They just gained a bigger share. Every season, UCLA uses this game as the one to pry the heart of Los Angeles away from the Vulcan death grip of  USC. But ultimately, USC carries the prestige in L.A. when it comes to football, period.

Many thought the Trojans would factor into a BCS selection come January now that the sanctions have been lifted. Instead, USC will limp into the bowl season licking its wounds and trying to deal with the serious repercussions that their loss to UCLA will have moving forward.

Potential recruits may still favor the powerhouse Trojans, but it’s safe to say a healthy amount of those recruits were swayed the other way on Saturday. What UCLA also has going for itself is less turmoil surrounding it, unlike USC. Though the sanctions have been lifted for the Trojans, this team is looking at a new coach and a new system that is yet to be installed.

Those factors should play into whether the Trojans can recover in the competitive recruiting war that will be waged in the offseason.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Bruins run this city, they’ve definitely emerged from the shadows thanks to head coach Jim Mora Jr. Taking a cue from L.A.’s other red-headed stepchildren, the Los Angeles Clippers, UCLA has managed to carve out its own niche with its own emerging fanbase. With every high-profile victory comes more credibility, and at this point UCLA, has more to prove than the Trojans.

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