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5 College Football Teams Who Aren’t as Good as Their Records Show

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College Football: 5 Teams Who Aren’t as Good as Their Records Show

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Going into the final games of the season in college football, everyone starts talking about who’s really the best. There are some clear teams that have played consistent football all season against good opponents that deserve their ranking. Alabama, despite the loss to Auburn, still deserves to be considered for a national championship. LSU, a team with three BCS busting losses, has played quality opponents and they’ve passed the “eye test” regarding their solid play overall. I think LSU, with wins over Auburn and Texas A&M, is better than their record shows. On the other hand, there are teams getting high rankings, and even national championship mentions because of their great records, who actually aren’t as good as we think.

Some of these teams have faced bummer schedules or failed to dominate crummy opponents. Some have managed to let rivalry games get the best of them or have lost late in the season showing signs of a slowdown. Teams that start slow but finish fast are the ones you want rather than the schools who find themselves struggling to get each win at the end of the season, despite having a close to perfect record.

Everyone loves to have those squeakers come in that did so well throughout the season, but the reality of the system as it is right now says that most of those teams just don’t cut it. Once we have a true playoff system the smaller teams who go undefeated will have their chance. For now, we have to assume these teams still can’t match up as well with the big dogs. Here are some of the teams in 2013 that really aren’t as good as their records show.

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5. Baylor

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While ranked ninth in the BCS, Baylor lost by 32 points against Oklahoma State, who is ranked just three ahead at sixth. They barely beat a struggling TCU team by three points this past weekend, and these are their two most recent games. Outside of a good win against Oklahoma, who is now ranked at 17, their schedule does not reflect a top ten team.

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4. Michigan State

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MSU has arguably the best defense in the nation, but with inexperience at many key offensive positions, they struggle to put up points. Any team that manages to score a couple of touchdowns against the D will win any given game against Michigan State. Plus they play in the Big Ten, which is a conference not exactly known for its high scoring games, so they have yet to be really tested by a stellar offense. To my loyal MSU readers, if they can beat Ohio State handily, that might be a horse of a different color.

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3. Northern Illinois

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Let’s face it; they have a great QB in Jordan Lynch and a perfect record, but that schedule in the MAC is just not going to cut it. They’re ranked in the top 15 ahead of UCF, whose only loss came to South Carolina by three points, and they have a big win over Louisville. Northern Illinois’ biggest win was against unranked Iowa by three points in the first game of the season.

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2. Oregon

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The Pac-12 has been up and down all season, so no telling what kind of real competition they’ve faced. They have a loss to Stanford (who then lost to USC), a huge loss to unranked Arizona by 26 points, and they barely beat unranked Oregon State by one point, all in the last four games.

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1. Ohio State

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The Buckeyes barely beat a floundering Michigan team over the weekend, and despite playing in the Big Ten they have not really faced much of a challenge. Perhaps their biggest challenge is their upcoming game against the stout defense of Michigan State. That game will certainly tell half the story for either team. Although when faced with some of the better teams in the nation, I still think the Big Ten is scratching at the surface.