Alabama Fan Stiffs Auburn Waitress, Leaves Childish Tip

By Andrew Fisher
Alabama Crimson Tide
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the gloves come off when it comes to Alabama vs. Auburn. The two schools and their fans simply don’t like each other. The tension is still high just days after the Tigers upset the Crimson Tide in dramatic late-game fashion. Bama fans certainly aren’t happy about the result of this year’s Iron Bowl and here’s proof.

Check out this ‘tip’ left by an Alabama fan after his/her waiter/waitress openly talked about their love for the Auburn Tigers:

Alabama Crimson Tide

That’s what I like to call classy and mature. Honestly, what a d*** move. 

Is the tip shocking? Absolutely not. Fans involved in this rivalry are very serious about their schools. It doesn’t matter if that waitress could have used the money, once Auburn greatness was talked about, it was a done deal. Roll Tide!

As far as the two teams are concerned, Auburn is getting set to square off against Missouri in the SEC Championship game, while Alabama will likely wait to hear its name called for the Orange Bowl. We’ll have to see how things play out on the field, but Auburn definitely still has an outside chance of making the BCS National Title game. If Ohio State loses and Auburn wins, the Tigers’ ticket will be punched.

The Crimson Tide are obviously disappointed with the likely reality that they won’t win a third-straight national title, but a BCS game isn’t a bad consolation prize. However, we all know that’s not enough in Alabama.


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