Classless Alabama Fan Leaves Auburn Server 'Roll Tide' Tip

By Patrick Schmidt
Chris Davis
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of the greatest Iron Bowl in the history of this rivalry between Auburn and Alabama, we’ve seen some Crimson Tide fans take the loss without much class, dignity or brains. From the Alabama fan selling his Alabama gear on Craigslist to the murdering of a fan that didn’t appear to be as upset as that loss would warrant to this absurd tip some are taking this awfully hard.

Alabama Tip
Image Courtesy-Twitter @Vaughan_C24

Now that doesn’t look like the standard 20 percent to me.  Sure, the act of tipping and whether it should be necessary has been much-debated over the years, including a memorable scene in the movie Reservoir Dogs, but how ridiculous is this person?!

I think we can assume the person to leave this “tip” is a woman based on the handwriting, but my advice to her is to take a deep breath and chill out. The waiter named Forrest—how fitting for these two teams—is just trying to make ends meet.

I have a feeling that this publicity will outweigh the extra couple bucks the waiter would have received if not for the pompous fan, and I’m sure Forrest will end up alright with his 15 seconds of fame.

The high and mighty act of this Alabama fan is another reason to root for Auburn in their game on Saturday vs. Missouri in the SEC Championship Game and only adds more fuel to the fire in this great rivalry.

Way to show you can handle a loss with humility and class. This only furthers the stigma that Alabama fans are entitled, pompous, holier-than-thou people.

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