Florida Fans Step Over Line With Rape Themed Florida State Shirts

By Andrew Fisher
Jameis Winston-Florida State
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Things can get ugly when two rival schools are squaring off in college football, or any sport for that matter. The fans of both teams involved turn up the hate during game week and especially on gameday. Anyone who’s ever been to a tailgate has seen tasteless custom-made t-shirts, but some Florida Gators‘ fans have taken things to the next level with their latest shirt idea.

Check out this rape themed shirt a Gators’ fan is wearing during last Saturday’s Florida showdown. The theme of the shirt is an obvious shot at Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston:

FSU shirt
FSU shirt

The shirts are so tasteless that Florida’s own school paper, The Independent Alligator, spoke out against them:

“For a university that’s supposed to be a hotbed for forward thinking, the actions of UF fans on Saturday represented one giant step backward,” read an editorial in the paper.

I suppose it would be one thing if Winston had already been tried and convicted of sexual assault. It wouldn’t make Florida fans any classier, but at least they would have some legitimating reasoning for making the shirts. But given the fact that Winston hasn’t even been charged in the case, the shirts just come across as amateur.

The FSU quarterback is still be investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman nearly a year ago in Tallahassee, but a ruling has yet to come down at this point. Heisman Trophy voters are eagerly awaiting word on the case before filling out their ballots in a few days, but it seems unlikely charges will be handed down anytime soon, if at all.


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