Mark Dantonio Dreaming with BCS National Championship Talk for Michigan State Spartans

By Tyler Brett
mark dantonio
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The end of the college football season is politic season for head coaches and athletic directors around the country. Everyone thinks their team deserves the chance to play for the BCS National Championship and will tell anyone who listens why they think so. Nobody may be politicking quite as hard, however, as Mark Dantonio for his Michigan State Spartans as the told reporters that he feels the winner of the Big Ten title game should play for the national title.

That isn’t just a push for the Ohio State Buckeyes to stay ahead of the Auburn Tigers if they win on Saturday, though Dantonio did say that would be “the right thing to do.” Dantonio also feels that his Michigan State team, currently 11-1 on the season and ranked No. 10 in the BCS standings, should get a hard look for the BCS National Championship if they upset Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship.

“Why not us, if certain scenarios take place, which obviously last weekend you saw a lot of scenarios take place. There are no givens in college football. Anybody can rise up to beat someone else. That ball bounces a lot of different ways.

“The fact of the matter is we’re 11-1 right now, we’re playing in a championship environment. And we’ll move from there. Don’t limit yourself. Dream big. That’s what I tell my football team.”

Unfortunately for Dantonio and the Spartans, a scenario that gets Michigan State to the national title game will stay a dream in 2013. They would have to jump eight spots in the final BCS standings to get into the mix which would mean a dominant win over Ohio State and upsets of just about every other team ahead of them in their conference title games or season finales for the Oklahoma State Cowboys and Baylor Bears (since the Big 12 has no conference title game).

Even if every game this weekend turned into an upset, they would have to find a way to jump two of the three teams ahead of them guaranteed not to lose this weekend. Both the Alabama Crimson Tide at No. 4 and South Carolina Gamecocks at No. 8 are idle and either the Auburn Tigers at No. 3 or the Missouri Tigers at No. 5 will emerge as the SEC champion this weekend. That makes Dantonio’s BCS National Championship claim a dream scenario that doesn’t have any chance of becoming reality.

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