Jameis Winston Escapes Charge, Heisman Trophy Right Around the Corner

By Connor Muldowney
Jameis Winston
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Florida State Seminoles and college football as a whole are breathing a sight of relief after it has been confirmed that the poster child of the sport, Jameis Winston, will not be charged in a sexual assault case that dates back to last year. The freshman quarterback has been facing this distraction for the better part of a month now and he has been handling the adversity well.

Why do I say Florida State is breathing a sigh of relief? Well, it’s obvious they now don’t have to worry about losing their star quarterback for the rest of the season and possibly a national title. Why do I say college football is breathing a sigh of relief, however? This would be a huge black eye for the sport. If one of the most well-spoken and beloved athletes was charged with such a crime, how would the sport recover? Who would be safe from scrutiny? No one.

Well, it has all been settle — for now, as the case could be re-opened in the future — and the darling of college football is now back with a clean slate and peace of mind.

This is great news for the Seminoles because they will now be the favorites to win the national title with their star quarterback and Winston will remain the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy without voters avoiding his selection based on a charge.

With 3,490 yards and 35 touchdowns on the year, Winston will easily become the second freshman to ever win the coveted award — the last was Johnny Manziel a year ago.

Big day for Seminoles fans — and I guess the team, too.

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