We Can Only Hope Tim Tebow Doesn't Sign With ESPN

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
USA Today Sports

Tim Tebow has repeatedly said that he’s not giving up on his dream of being an NFL quarterback. But after being cut by the New England Patriots this past summer and subsequently not receiving a tryout from any other team, the popular QB is still on the open market. Unfortunately for Tebow fans, it looks like he could be staying on the open market. The latest Tebow buzz involves his rumored new gig as a college football analyst and the networks that are attempting to sign him.

Unlike his NFL career, networks are reportedly doing all they can to ink Tebow to an analyst deal. FOX, CBS and ESPN are all in on the bidding war, but at this point it’s unknown who the potential front-runner might be.

I would have to think CBS and ESPN are the two top candidates to sign Tebow. CBS is the home of SEC Football (which Tebow knows all about) and ESPN worships the ground the former Heisman winner walks on. Heck, ESPN has even had its employees wish him happy birthday on air.

So if you think that the four-letter network is obsessed with Tebow now, just wait and see how bad it gets if he’s hired on as an employee. CBS seems to be the best fit, because of the obvious ties to SEC Football and just because they won’t over use him like ESPN would. However, CBS is said to be willing to change its entire show to fit around Tebow and ESPN is set to launch its own SEC Network this August.

Here’s to hoping that Tebow doesn’t become the latest former athlete to join the mothership.


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