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5 Reasons Why Jordan Lynch Deserves Serious Heisman Consideration

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Why Jordan Lynch Deserves Serious Heisman Consideration

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Jordan Lynch is a senior quarterback preparing to play in Week 15 and win a conference championship. He has currently led his team to one of three undefeated seasons left up to this point and is on the verge of a second consecutive trip to the BCS.

Playing quarterback is an excellent advantage to being in the discussion for Heisman consideration at season's end. Quarterbacks have been the recipient of the most Heisman victories. One step further, seniors also have been awarded the most trophies. With BCS exposure, playing a key position, and being a senior, Lynch has to be in serious contention, right?

Lynch has a 24-2 record as a starter with two games left in his college career. It is a wonder why he was not given any offers or consideration from Big-10 schools coming out of high school. Lynch's stats and credentials can be identified as Heisman Trophy worthy. The only knock against him would be that moment when you discover that he is not playing for the SEC or Pac-12 championship but for the MAC championship representing the Northern Illinois Huskies.

Would Lynch be able to compete in a major conference and put up the same numbers? Unfortunately, that answer will never be known. But I am sure there are some schools, mainly in the Big-10, that would love a second chance at Lynch's abilities. With all due respect to the Huskies and all of their accomplishments, they should not be the best team in the state of Illinois. In Big-10 play, the two Illinois schools were a combined 2-14 whereas the Huskies were 2-0 against Big-10 teams this year, and Lynch is a huge part of that success.

Here are five reasons why Jordan Lynch deserves serious Heisman Trophy considerations.

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5. Unprecedented BCS Feat

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If Lynch is able to help win NIU's third straight MAC title it will most likely lead to the team's second straight BCS appearance. NIU is the only MAC team to ever appear in a BCS game, and to do it two years in a row under the same quarterback would be an amazing achievement.

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4. Award Pedigree

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Voters of the award should not discredit the school or conference affiliation a player competes for. Lynch is a senior quarterback, has an undefeated season going, could win a conference championship, and could go to the BCS. Recent winners such has Robert Griffin and Johnny Manziel cannot make those same claims.

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3. Competition Has Faltered

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Other than Jameis Winston, the last few weeks have seen several candidates fall out of the race. In a somewhat last man standing contest not only has it opened up the race for Lynch to make a serious run but also for a few new hopefuls as well.

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2. Voters Doubt?

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It has recently been announced that Jameis Winston has been cleared of his off-field speculation. With that news Winston will go on to compete for a conference championship and potentially a national championship. He is now considered to be the favorite for the award. However, could voters still be hesitant to vote for Winston? For one reason, Winston is still just a freshman and will be returning next year. Also, would voters want to leave the award open to another potential vacancy down the road like Reggie Bush? Lynch should at least get a ton of support from the Midwest voters that could make the race close.

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1. Impressive Stats

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Lynch is currently third in rushing yards in the nation. Last year, he was leading the nation in rushing for the first half of the year. Lynch has set the single-game rushing record by a quarterback twice this year, and he is also fifth in scoring for the season. Lynch's stats are as impressive as anyone, and he has quite the resume to become this year's Heisman Trophy winner.