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Breaking Down The Most Intriguing Potential BCS Title Game Matchups

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Potential BCS Championship Games

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With all of the games, upsets, and amazing finishes, college football has reached the final week of the regular season. This weekend will feature conference championships and the announcement of all of the bowl games. There will be 35 games in all commencing with the final BCS National Championship Game on January 6.

It has been well documented that the SEC has won the last seven crystal balls, but could that streak end in the final year of the BCS? A lot has certainly happened since Vince Young's Texas Longhorns were the last non-SEC school to win the championship back in 2006. Currently the SEC is represented by three of the top five schools in the standings, so by the numbers the conference does still have a chance at an eighth straight title, but they will need some help.

Legitimately, there are six teams left with a realistic shot at playing in that final game on January 6. With all due respect to the winner of the Pac-12 championship or if the Michigan State Spartans were to be crowned Big-10 champions, it does not appear that enough ground can be covered to get them into the top two spots.

A big debate will most certainly ensue if the current top three teams all win this week. Does a one-loss SEC champion have a better case to play for a title than either an undefeated Big-10 champ or undefeated ACC champ? Does an SEC team receive enough votes simply based on history?

In the final installment of the BCS National Championship Game, here are six very possible match-ups just days away from the matchup being finalized.

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6. Alabama vs. Auburn

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Believe it or not, the Alabama Crimson Tide still have a chance at playing for a three-peat. If they did get in, it would be because of mass chaos and set up the Iron Bowl Part II. This scenario would have Florida State, Ohio State, and Missouri all losing and the Auburn Tigers and Alabama moving up. It would be controversial to have a non-conference champion in the big game, but that has happened before and would leave us with the SEC-bias dream game.

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5. Auburn vs. Oklahoma State

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Do not be so fast to count out the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys likely have the longest odds to reach the big game, but they are still alive for the discussion. To get there they would first need to win their rivalry game and claim the Big-12 championship. From there they would need losses by Florida State, Ohio State, and leap-frog over idle Alabama.

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4. Missouri vs. Florida State

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The Missouri Tigers are ranked No. 5, and are the "other" Tigers playing for the SEC title. This group of Tigers were not projected to be here back at the start of the season, but with one week to go here they stand. To get in the big game they would need to win the SEC, leap over Alabama and hope that Ohio State losses. On the flip side, a Florida State loss and Ohio State win would set up a Missouri vs. Ohio State match-up.

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3. Auburn vs. Ohio State

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An Auburn vs. Ohio State Buckeyes match-up would get the SEC champion in the title game and a chance at an eighth straight crystal ball. This would be the SEC against the Big-10 champion and would receive a major assist from Florida State losing the ACC crown.

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2. Florida State vs. Auburn

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The Florida State Seminoles are the No. 1 ranked team right now and are one win away from playing for the National Championship. They are heavy favorites in the ACC championship, and they would match up with the SEC champion with an Ohio State loss.

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1. Ohio State vs. Florida State

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The no-chaos final installment of the BCS title game would be the current No. 1 and No. 2 ranked teams both winning this week and having everything stay status quo. The game would pit two undefeated teams against each other which is what the BCS system ultimately wants. As great as the SEC is, a one-loss champion may not be enough to wedge in-between two undefeated teams. This pairing would also put an end to the SEC's streak and dominance. The BCS cannot ride off into a status quo sunset, can it?