Does Arizona State Have a Chance In Pac-12 Championship?

By Jesse Oakley
Mark J. Rebilas- USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the Pac-12, certain teams come to mind, such as Oregon, Oregon State, USC, UCLA and Stanford, who’s in the Pac-12 Championship Game. There’s one team though that isn’t thought of often, and also happens to be in this years Championship — Arizona State.

The Sun Devils aren’t the most powerful or dominate, they aren’t a top five or top 10 team, and they just seem to be good enough to compete in a very competitive conference. This year has been different though. Arizona State has been ranked a couple times this season, and is currently ranked No. 11 in the BCS. They’re currently 10-2, with losses coming to Notre Dame, and their opponent in the Championship, Stanford.

Arizona State faced off against the Cardinal in Week 3 and suffered a 42-28 loss. A lot has changed since Week 3 though, as they got a rare win against USC, lost to Notre Dame, and haven’t lost since. Stanford has had a couple losses of their own, and is currently ranked No. 7, only four spots above the Sun Devils.

In this game, offense will be huge for the Sun Devils. Arizona State currently ranks eighth overall in points for, but 49th overall in points against. Stanford is just the opposite, ranking 45th overall in points for, but 12th overall in points against. It’s a 43.3 average offense going against a 19.0 average defense.

I’ve heard broadcasters say that Arizona State is like a college version of the Seattle Seahawks because of their “high-flying offense” and their pressure on defense. Another huge advantage for Arizona State is home-field advantage, which really is big, no matter what team you are. So, do the Sun Devils really have a chance to win the Pac-12? Get loud, Sun Devils Nation, because they definitely have more than just a chance.

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