Tim Tebow: Former Florida Gator & Heisman Winner Pursued by SEC Network

By Patrick Schmidt
Tim Tebow
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s announcement from the SEC on the details of the SEC Network, which will include a two-hour pregame show and triple-header during the football season according to Mike Slive, took a backseat to the network’s desire to hire Tim Tebow.

“If he would like to give up his football dreams, I think anybody would want to talk to Tim Tebow,” said Stephanie Druley, vice president of production for the SEC Network. “He certainly has had a lot of face time, he’s great on camera, and he has been a very good ambassador to the conference.”

Those football dreams Druley speaks of in her comments via Jon Solomon and Al.com may be coming to a close after Tebow was released by the New York Jets in April and later by the New England Patriots in August. He has been out of the league this season, and it’s my belief that he’s played his last down in the NFL.

After being released by the Patriots Tebow tweeted, “I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.” That’s a natural reaction upon losing your job, but at some point that dream will come to a close which could be now with plenty of broadcasting opportunities present.

His future may not include him playing the game he loves so much, but it should include him getting back to the game where he was one of the best to ever play college football. The former Florida national champion and Heisman Trophy winner would be a home run hire for the SEC network and would bring in huge ratings with his presence on camera.

“To the extent he comes to a decision where he’s interested in getting into the booth or on the air, we definitely have an interest in talking to him. I think he would be a great addition if we could ever get him,” said Justin Connolly, ESPN senior vice president of programming and who oversees the SEC Network.

Put Tebow on the two-hour pregame show SEC Nation, which will be hosted by Joe Tessitore, and they’ll have advertisers lining up to be a part of the coverage. He was a polarizing player in the NFL, but in the world of college football he’s one of the beloved players of his or any other generation.

He makes perfect sense to come back home to the SEC and be the face of the newly launched network.

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