Bob Stoops Will Regret Comments Made Against SEC

By Patrick Schmidt
Bob Stoops
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Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops had some inflammatory comments about the SEC this spring, and again irked the conference that’s won the last seven BCS Championships and could make it eight this year. He is about to get a rude awakening in the form of an angry Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Here is a snippet of what Stoops said in May about the perception of the SEC via the Tulsa World:

“Listen, they’ve had the best team in college football, meaning they’ve won the national championship. That doesn’t mean everything else is always the best.”

Naturally, that ruffled the feathers of the fans, players and coaches in the SEC, but the coach he will see on the other sideline in the Sugar Bowl, Nick Saban, couldn’t care less than what Stoops had to say in the spring.

Saban on Stoop’s quotes about SEC: I’ve got more important things to do than sit around and read what Bob Stoops has to say about anything.

— Mark Edwards (@MarkSportsStar) May 10, 2013

Perfect jab back at Stoops, whose “Big Game Bob” moniker may be losing some steam. However, the comment that will upset Saban and have him eat his words is what the Sooner’s coach had to say about the quality of the league’s defenses.

Alabama has the No. 3 scoring defense and No. 5 total defense this year, and with the Sooners facing questions at quarterback, it could make Stoops regret these words. The Crimson Tide defense is going to feast on the No. 99 passing offense of Oklahoma, and their No. 49 scoring offense will have trouble finding the end zone.

“Just a few years ago, we had all the quarterbacks,” Stoops said in a small session with beat reporters, according to The Oklahoman. “And now, all of a sudden, we can play a little better defense and some other people can’t play defense.”

Stoops’ comments were made in regard to Texas A&M lighting up the scoreboard last year, in particular with Johnny Manziel at quarterback, and the inability of SEC defenses to stop him. Stoops knows all about Manziel after his Sooners gave up 519 total yards of offense to him alone in last year’s  41-13 demolition.

“I still don’t know how (Texas) A&M was third in the country in total offense and scoring offense playing all those SEC defenses. I have no idea how that happened,” Stoops said. “Oh, they got a quarterback. That’s right.”

Well, Alabama has a quarterback in AJ McCarron who will go down as one of the best winners in college football, and the Sooners played three in their narrow win over Oklahoma State, meaning they’re in big, big trouble.

I’m expecting another embarrassing performance from Oklahoma against an SEC team in a bowl game, and for Saban to make Stoops take his medicine and regret his words, keeping him quiet in regard to the premier conference in the sport.

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