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5 Reasons Why Michigan State Belongs in the BCS Title Game

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BCS Title Game: 5 Reasons Why Michigan State Belongs

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Of course, this is a stretch for sure, and probably a bit reactionary after Michigan State had a stellar game against No. 2 Ohio State Saturday evening, but I honestly believe there is an argument here. Without a true playoff system, this is the kind of situation that arises.

Michigan State is a good team who had a schedule that turned out to be much less impressive than predicted at the beginning of the season. Many Big Ten teams struggled and suffered upset losses, which is interesting for Michigan State on a couple of levels. The conference, with a focus on defense and lower scoring games, lends itself to upsets in drawn out tougher games. Sometimes that makes it hard to assess. Also, Michigan State was able to cruise though, even racking up big points despite most of the attention going to their top ranked defense.

The main issue here is not so much whether Michigan State should play in the BCS Championship within the current BCS system but whether they deserve to play in the championship game based on their merit and potential against any given team. When several teams in the hunt for the championship have one loss, they all come from good conferences, and they have marquee wins on their schedule, it’s exactly the situation that makes the current BCS system annoying. Teams who put in this much effort and can play against any team in the nation should have a chance to prove it. Here’s why I think Michigan State deserves to be in the championship game.

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5. They Beat No. 2 Ohio State

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No matter how you slice it, the win against Ohio State as the No. 2 team in the nation, who was championship bound, was huge. They didn’t win on some freak play or two like Auburn; they won because they played better football.

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4. The Big Ten is Different

Big Ten
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The Big Ten is a hard conference to analyze. The matchups and style of play are often very even. There aren’t flashy scores or big time offensive players, but they are solid teams who are always tough. Michigan State had zero losses in the Big Ten.

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3. Finishing Strong

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One of the more important factors for a team’s success in the playoffs in most sports is how well they are playing at the end of the season, and Michigan State is definitely finishing strong. Unfortunately that doesn’t play into the BCS system as strongly.

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2. No. 4 Ranking Means Playoffs

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If we were in 2014, Michigan State’s No. 4 ranking would warrant a berth into the playoffs for the NCAA Championship. In other words, if this was next year, Michigan State would be considered a team worthy of playing for the championship.

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1. Defense Wins Championships

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Michigan State’s defense can shut down any team on any given day, and their offense has come alive. Their defense, in a playoff system, could very possibly take them to a championship. Alabama has been able to win championships with above average offenses and outstanding defenses.