Andre Williams Deserves the Heisman Trophy

By Emilio Gonzales

The Heisman Trophy used to go to the best player in college football. Recently, it has become a popularity contest where the best player on the best team walks onto the stage to accept an award that should really be going to their team as a whole.

This is a year where the trophy should be based on a player’s exploits on the field, not how much airtime they’ve received from ESPN. If you too believe that the Heisman should go to an athlete that truly carried his team throughout the year, look no further than Boston College running back, Andre Williams.

The senior from Pennsylvania had a monster season, carrying the ball 329 times and averaging 175 years per game. If that does not sound impressive within the era of big offenses, that 175 is almost 20 yards per game more than the player with the next highest average, Ka’Deem Carey of Arizona.

Williams is also the only player to have reached the 2,000 yard mark in Division 1 college football – that includes both FBS and FCS schools – and has recorded 17 touchdowns on the season.

Still not convinced? Fellow Heisman candidate Tre Mason of Auburn only has 1,621 yards per game and a 124.69 yards-per-game average. Mason will get the benefit of the doubt from those who think that just because he plays in the SEC, he goes up against Alabama-type defenses every week. Anyone who actually watched the SEC this year knows that is simply not the case.

Still believe me to be a heretic? Andre Williams put up 149 yards on Florida State, 172 on North Carolina, 166 on Virginia Tech, 263 on Maryland, and an otherworldly 339 on North Carolina State.

All that with a Boston College team that ranked 113th in the nation in passing offense. Not many other players can put up those kinds of numbers when other teams are queuing on the run.

Williams may not play at a school as illustrious as his fellow candidates, but he still lights up the field without much help around him.

If anyone deserves the Heisman memorial trophy for excellence as an individual and as a teammate, it is Andre Williams.

This is a wake-up call! Do not sleep on this guy.

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