Conflicting Nick Saban Reports, Rumors Good Sign for Texas Longhorns

By Jeric Griffin

It’s one thing when college football rumors come from “unreputable sources” but it’s another thing when two very respectable news outlets report opposite stories at the same time. In this case, these reports and rumors regarding Nick Saban’s future are a great sign for the Texas Longhorns, who are also the topic of much hot debate.

First up, Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram says he’s been told Saban is on his way to Austin in 2014:

Next, the NFL’s official website and Sports Illustrated each reported that Saban is currently in negotiations for a new contract extension with Alabama that would pay him roughly $7 million per year. And another report already stated Saban signed that agreement, which has yet to be disclosed.

So what to believe? Well for starters, you can throw out the phony statements recently made by Texas president Bill Powers. The headlines say he “debunked” the Saban-to-Texas rumors, but that’s simply not true. He claimed that he has never spoken to Saban and that the Bama coach “hasn’t been hired.” That doesn’t mean anything, especially considering ESPN confirmed earlier this year Saban’s agent did indeed speak with Texas officials about taking the ‘Horns job in 2014.

In short, don’t believe anything you hear until there’s a press conference confirming because at this point, the rumors and reports are getting out of hand. If you’re placing bets, put your money on Saban in burnt orange because considering half of his starters are seniors, including AJ McCarron. In addition, the rumors of Mack Brown stepping down weren’t completely false like he said — the guy simply doesn’t know how to save face anymore.

Saban has a history of accomplishing what he wants to with a program and then moving on. He’s going to miss out at a shot for three straight BCS National Championships, but he’ll have to start all over in 2014, so why not do it with the program that boasts the richest recruiting trails in the nation? Again, don’t believe anything until something is official, but the writing is on the wall for a lot of things in Austin.

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